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Will You Make A Difference??

   "You are made to make a difference, so embrace every opportunity to do so."  Anonymous


Will you make a difference in someone's life this summer in camp? Absolutely!! Whether it is in a Chinese students life, your life, or a teammates life -- somehow, some way what you say and do will make a difference in someone's life for the good or the bad. 


Embrace the opportunity to teach English and make a difference in some young persons life.

Jinan is On!

Summer Camps: 

We have finally been given confirmation about our camp location! We are headed back to Jinan! Jinan has beautiful views, great activity spaces, and good classrooms as well. We may have to fight for space since there are other camps going on at the same time, so we'll have to be flexible and ready and willing for change. Check out some of the pictures below from our last trip to see what the camp looks like!


Welcome Beijing Session 2

I'm getting so excited for our team to get together this summer and build wonderful relationships with each other and our Chinese students!  We are all scheduled and getting prepared for our time in China! 

We appreciate all the uplifting and support you all give and looking forward to sharing our experiences in camp when we get there!


Bridging The World Teams Are China Bound

The Camp Directors meeting was a success!


Morning teaching teams are now being set by the directors, afternoon and evening activities are being planned and organized for the 2018 Summer ESL Camps in China. Six camps, five cities and more than 100 Americans are gearing up and getting excited to travel to China in a little less than three months!!


China here we come!!

Here We Go Beijing--Session 1

Summer Camps: 

The team that will be in Beijing for the 1st session has been assigned their teaching assignments, afternoon responsibilities, and the all important roommates. We are excited to get down to business and plan for what we know will be a wonderful and fruitful camp.

We are appreciative of your support and encouragement as we seek to prepare for the special adventure ahead of us!


Welcome 2018 Datong Team

Summer Camps: 

I want to welcome our Datong team members and include you, the family and friends as part of our team.  Family and friends are so important to our team now and while we're in China.  These next few months, as we all gather for our weekly "meetings", I would ask that we remember each other as we prepare and that unity surround us.  I would also ask we remember the other camps this summer and the brothers and sisters in China preparing the way.

2018 Camp Directors Meeting This Weekend

Summer Camps: 

The 2018 Bridging The World Camp Directors Meeting will be held this weekend April 6 - 7, 2018.


Bridging The World will be hosting six camps in China this year.


We will be having a training time (how to teach the spoken English language using different techniques) a planning time,and a brain storming time to come up with some new ideas to use in camp.


2018 Bridging The World China Summer English Camps here we come!! 







2018 Summer Camp Application Deadline Extended

We still have a few openings so we are extending the deadline for accepting applications.


Join us in China to teach the spoken English language to Chinese school kids ready and willing to learn English! Applications are still being accepted through March 23, 2018!


If you would like an application email us through the "contact" page above and we will be thrilled to send you one!