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Hohhot Camp Update

Hohhot Camp Update


Welcome to the camp Hohhot blog and the news update. We will try to post as much as possible depending on the internet access.


This will be the first time Bridging The World has done a camp in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia.


We are looking forward to teaching in this new area. The Bridging The World team will be made up of 12 team members. Our team is from all over the USA – MO, VA, PA, NC, FL, NJ, VT, and OH. Of those 12 only three are newcomers so we will have a veteran team to serve and teach ESL in Hohhot.   

2017 English Summer Camp Update For All Teams

A Summer Camp update for all teams. The camp T-Shirts, books, pamphlets, and flight information are ready and will be mailed sometime this afternoon to most team members. Some are being hand delivered during the next few weeks. 


All of the passports and visa applications have been sent to the agency. Your passport with the visa stamped inside should be arriving no later than the end of this month. 


Welcome 2017 Camp Beijing Team

Hello and Welcome to English Summer Camp 2017,

We have been planning this trip for several months already and are nearing the date when  we depart to Beijing.  We are scheduled to land in Beijing on 14 July, 2017.  After a short greeting by school officials, we will all be taken by bus to the former ZGC school in Shunyi District, about 1 and ½ hour ride from the Peking Airport. 

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Welcome 2017 Jinan Team

I want to welcome our Jinan team members and include you, the family and friends as part of our team.  Family and friends are so important to our team now and while we're in China.  These next few months, as we all gather for our weekly "meetings", I would ask that we "lift" each other as we prepare and that unity surround us.  I would also ask we lift the other camps and the brothers and sisters in China preparing The way.

Have to give a "shout out" to the family and friends of "Jasper".  Her teachings and service lives on.


Dave Williams       

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The Nancy Zins China Scholarship Fund

The Nancy Zins China Scholarship fund has been established in memory of Nancy Zins, who attended China Summer English Camps from 2009 to 2013. This scholarship is to financially assist those desiring to teach in Bridging The World's Summer English Camp(s). This scholarship is open to those who have been with us in the past as well as new applicants.



15 Years of Service and Honorarium for Chris and Woody

This past Saturday, March 11, 2017, we had a great BTW Summer Camp reunion and honorarium time for 15 years of service for Chris and Woody.


Close to 100 people made the trip from out of town and locally to participate. Past camp participants came from some of the following locations: MD, PA, NC, SC,  and VA. Many more who could not make the trip wrote cards, letters and emails. We even had a video sent from the Bridging The World team in China.


Camp Dates and Price for 2017 ESL Camps in China

The dates for the 2017 English Second Language camps in China are July 13 - 31. The price for attending the camp is $2800.00.


If you would like to receive an application or for more information on the 2017 summer camp you can send us a message using the "Contact Us" page on the website 


We look forward to hearing from you.


Bridging The World China Office Staff

2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon

Be on the lookout as next years dates and prices will be coming soon: Check the back for further updates in the next few weeks: 


This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself n a different culture for two and a half weeks and make a difference in a life through teaching English AS A Second Language.


Bridging The World conducted two great camps this past summer in Beijing and Jinan. We hope to return to both cities and camp sites next year.


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Welcome Home to the 2016 Summer ESL Teams

Welcome Home 2016 China Summer Teams,


The summer teams have all made it back to the USA after teaching English to school age children in Beijing and Jinan, China. It was a good summer for our ESL teams though very hot and humid in both cities. We want to thank you for all your preparation beforehand and your hard work while in China.


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