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Beijing 2 Pictures

Hello Family and friends,

Today is our last day of camp and we are already feeling the emotion of loss. We have grown so close to our children and Chinese assistants. It will be a tearful farewell. I am so proud of my American team. They have persevered through many days of non stop activities. The physical and emotional strain can take its toll, but they haven't wavered in the job they came to do. 

Beijing 2 Pictures

Last night, Wednesday, we had our Night In The Park, where the kids got to do different activities in their mentor groups. The kids enjoyed face painting, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing card games, coloring and Twister. It was a great time to sit and have a conversation while playing together!

Beijing 2 Pictures

It's a rainy and stormy Wednesday in Beijing. We have had to move our classes to the Sunshine Building, since the roads and sidewalks are all flooded. We don't want the kids walking through ankle deep, dirty water. Hopefully the rain will end and we can move back into the Teaching Building. We are a flexible bunch!!


Qiqihar Camp Day 5/6

Day 5 and 6 were great at the Qiqihar Camp.  On the evening of day 5 we had our Crazy Digital Camera Hunt.  The contest was very close as the participation and competition was high. It rained off and on during the day but stopped in the afternoon in time to hold our event outside.

Beijing 2

Hello from rainy Beijing! What joy the rainfall brings when it brings with it cooler temperatures! It's Monday and our teachers had a nice relaxing morning after our busy evening last night. The Birthday Party/Luau was a huge hit amongst our students, teachers and assistants. We didn't have our water balloon fight this morning, because of rain. We will have it during our afternoon sports class. I hope to get some good pictures of all the fun! We are all healthy and well rested. Continue to lift us as we are in the home stretch. Friday will be our closing ceremony!