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Beijing 2

Hello Family and Friends,

Here we are on day 4 already! The whole team is healthy and still full of energy! We had our Crazy Digital Camera night last night and the Hulk team were the clear winners with a perfect score! Go Team Hulk!! Tonight we will have our Challenge night. It should prove to be very exciting. The kids are all doing great and no casualties...haha. Love to all our families back home.



Survived a week in China...check.   Injured...yes.  (Just my knee everyone) Love you all, Sarah

Beijing 2

Hello family and friends,

Well, Day 3 (Friday) is well underway. Our teaching morning is over, lunch and rest time finished, and on we go to afternoon activities. The kids are wonderful, funny, and eager to learn. The joy of a smaller camp means more personal time with our students. We are becoming a close knit family! We are all still full steam ahead...healthy and strong! Continue to lift us and hope you all are well at home too!



Beijing 2 Pictures

Hello Everyone from Beijing!!

Thursday night our kids had a great time creating their team flags and they were able to present them to each other this morning!! They all came out so good and Team Iron Man was the winner!!







Qiqihar Camp Day 2

Day 2 at Qiqihar Camp was a blast. The team is already connecting with the students.  The students were so excited their first night many of them did not sleep much according to the Chinese Assistants.


Shout Outs:

Beth and Annelise  - Everything is great!  Hope everyone is fine at home.  The kids are precious. We love & miss you. See you soon and thanks for remembering us!