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Qiqihar Camp Day 2

Day 2 at Qiqihar Camp was a blast. The team is already connecting with the students.  The students were so excited their first night many of them did not sleep much according to the Chinese Assistants.


Shout Outs:

Beth and Annelise  - Everything is great!  Hope everyone is fine at home.  The kids are precious. We love & miss you. See you soon and thanks for remembering us!

Beijing Session 2

Hello family and friends,

Camp is going well!! We had an exciting evening last night with opening ceremony and getting to know all the children. We have a great group of phenomenal students this session! This morning is our first day of class and already everyone is having fun and connecting! I'm hearing a lot of good spoken English.


Love ya fam miss u - Kaleyah

Qiqihar Meeting Students (7/31/18)

Today we met and tested about 80 students!  They are so excited for camp.  They are between 11 and 13 years old.  After testing we held our opening ceremony and introduced them to our camp song which they loved. We also had dinner with them and then played evening games together. They are already opening up to us and seemed very relaxed and eager to learn. Tomorrow is our first day of classes and afternoon activities. The weather is really nice here, in the 80s, a benefit of being further north in China.

Beijing Session 2

It's Tuesday and we are getting ready to test our students, but I wanted to get out some shout-outs to families.  I will blog more with pictures later tonight after opening ceremony.

I had a nice visit today with my Chinese family. It was good to see them and I got to see our new grandbaby bump. Lele is getting bigger, but looks and feels great.