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Datong, 2nd Thursday

Summer Camps: 

Last nights practice for closing was over the top great.  The teachers have challenged the students with their part in the program and they have met that challenge. Class individual programs will be first, then speeches by our 2 best students in camp, then all 135+ will sing "Lean on me" and "You raised me up".  Our program starts at 4:00 here, so if you're up  or reading this before you go to bed, we all would appreciate a lift.

Xin Fuxue Beijing Session 2

Session 2 Team is ready to leave the USA tomorrow and head to Beijing!! I'm so excited to get over there and meet with my team. The first sessions are winding up their time and we are prepared for our time over there. I can't wait to see what adventures await. I will keep you all posted! 



Camp -- Day 10 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

We are winding down here. Closing ceremony is close at hand. Best speakers have been chosen and awards are ready. It will be a busy day as we rehearse for our closing ceremony.

Last night was our Talent Show. We saw some amazing talent from our Chinese students. There was singing, dancing, poems, and a Kuai Ban presentation that mesmerized us all. The Americans presented two skits as well, which thoroughly entertained us all.

Tears have already begun with some of our students as the time for saying goodbye draws near. Keep those lifts going.


Datong 2nd Wednesday

Summer Camps: 

Today we are all working on our last lessons and practicing our closing ceremony. The school has said they are very proud and amazed at how well the students have learned so much in such a short time.  After our evening activities, we (teachers), go out for a snack and enjoy the community.  I was greeted by one of our students with her father, out for a late dinner. The student proceeded to carry on a conversation with me while her father, not understanding a word, smiled from ear to ear with pride for his daughter. We look forward to tomorrow to share their accomplishments., but sad our time is at an end.

The smiles and love we have seen and experience is great, but "I can only imagine" what the gate will look like when we reach it and the see the faces of those He has allowed us to touch in some way. Powerful!!

Continue to lift our camp and our work here. Dave

Shout outs:

Hey family! Mom and Dad! I love you and can't believe camp is almost over! I love these kids SO much, it is so so fun! Love you! Frankye ps I bet the house is quiet!

Hey family and friends! I can't believe we are coming to the end of camp! We have made many friends. We will be sad to say good-bye! We love you all so much and will see you soon! Love Carol

Susan:  It has been a great camp and one for the record books.  Each of these 135+ souls have touched me in their own special way every day. Our host and her team are great and equally touched my heart. And the weather, well, today its sunny, low humidity and mid to low 70's with a light breeze. Oh the simple pleasures we take for granted. Love you and ready to see you. Dave

Datong pictures 4th set

Summer Camps: 

Pictures from Datong. Dave Williams

Our host Rebecca explaining the lotus field to Michael, Eric and others in our team.

Sara trying her skill at balancing dice at our games.

Nice catch, but the object of the game is to stick the marshmallow on her face.

Camp -- Day 9 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

Yesterday was such a special day for us as our evening activity was very different from our others. The Chinese students and assistants gave us a Chinese Cultural night. Each class gave a presentation of some aspect of Chinese history and culture. They covered special holidays, food and the arts ,just to name a few.

The Americans loved it and we learned so much. What a great treat for us to have an opportunity to expand our knowledge of this country and the people who mean so much to us!I


Datong 2nd Tuesday

Summer Camps: 

Good morning all,

Last night our team provided various "Minute to win it" games.  The students went from room to room laughing and cheering for each other in the competition.  Afterwords the camp host surprised Tina with a cake for her birthday and invited the entire camp into a classroom (that holds 40) for cake.  Yes,,,,, 140+ in one room, I opted to celebrate in the hall :).

Birthdays, Rest Days, and Work Days—Shanghai

Summer Camps: 

The last three days have been terribly busy; they have been full of rejoicing, recuperating, and returning to work.


First, on Saturday, we had our fiesta-themed birthday party. We spent several hours decorating with balloons, paper chains, props, streamers, and garlands. Since it was a fiesta, our colors were very bright, our music was very loud, and the food was very good!