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Getting Ready to Leave!

Summer Camps: 

Hi Everyone, the 2nd session team going to Qiqihar leaves for Beijing this Thursday!  We are all a little nervous and excited!  We'll be joining the other 3rd of our team (who were in 1st session camps) for a little touring before heading to Qiqihar on 7/30.  We'll be sure to update the blog when we safely arrive in Beijing.  Lee

Datong pictures 3rd set

Summer Camps: 

A few more pictures in the days of our lives. Dave Williams

Tina's group chalk talk design stage.

Tina's group finished drawing.

Our team flags with our host Rebecca and our assistants Felicia, Felix, Luke, Jackie, Grace and a few students.

Chris and his group on the scavenger hunt.

Datong 2nd Monday

Summer Camps: 

Last night for our evening activity we broke into our mentor groups.  Each group went around the campus searching for specific items to discuss in their group.  One of the objects was a red envelope.  The Chinese use these at weddings to put money in for the newly weds.

Camp -- Day 8 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

Our classes are very busy as they not only continue their lessons, but also are practicing what their group will present for the closing ceremony.

Last night was our Luau Birthday Party, celebrating the birthdays of our campers that are in July. We also celebrated the birthday of one of our Americans , Ella, whose birthday is tomorrow. Our evening began with games and then was the reading of the birthday letters. These letters are from the parents of those who are celebrating their July birthday. The reading of these letters are always very emotional for the Chinese.

Camp -- Day 7 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

We continue to roll along here. Classes are going well.Our teachers are already working with their students in their preparation for the closing ceremony. It's hard to believe that we only have a few more days with these children.

Last night, the weather was on our side and we were able to play the Photo Scavenger Hunt game. The competition was fierce and we had two classes racing to the finish line at the same time! The Green Team came out on top and they celebrated their victory with a big bag of candy, which they very kindly shared with the other teams.

Datong, Sunday

Summer Camps: 

Classes have started up after a day of rest for students, school assistants and teachers.  One of our assistants told me she had to take her baby to the doctor yesterday because of a fever.  Please lift her and her child.

Nicks class is teaching Christmas, Karla is teaching baseball, Jana is teaching animals and Tina is teaching foods. All the students were eager to get back to class and see their teachers.  The bond we all have for each other grows stronger each day.  Tonight we will get together in our mentor groups for a scavenger hunt and share time afterwords. 

Datong pictures 2nd set

Summer Camps: 

A few shots of our Datong team in action.  

Dave Williams, Datong

Jana, Eric, Nick and Steve teaching English corner

Frankye, Kate, Carol and Jaden leading dance at our birthday party

Some of our team and a few Chinese teachers from the school as our guides at the hanging temple

Saturday, Day 6 at Linyi

Summer Camps: 

We are over half way through camp, only four more days to go! The time has gone by so fast. Last night we had our big birthday party celebration. At first we didn't know where we would hold it, but we decided to do it outside in the place we have done the other evening activities. It worked out perfectly, especially as it was a glow in the dark theme. We played some games, ate cake, and danced. The students and teachers all had a good time together.