Summer Camp blogs

Datong, Saturday

Summer Camps: 

Last night we had our birthday party with the students.  We decorated the auditorium with balloons, streamers and party signs.  When the students arrived we greeted them with beaded necklaces, tattoos and lots of balloons on the floor to kick around. We then played a few games, ate some cake and finished off with dancing.

Camp--Day 6 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

Oh, the flexibility that we must have while being in English Camp! Our day went very smoothly. The rain had stopped. Suddenly, at dinner time, it began to rain. Our evening activity was supposed to be the Photo Scavenger Hunt and with that game there are many tasks that must be done outside.

Within an hour, another activity was put in it's place and the Americans were ready to go when the students arrived in the Sunshine Room. The students didn't know the difference and we had a great time with our Hoedown Dance Party!

Shanghai Camp Continues

Summer Camps: 

We are reaching the end of our first week here in Shangahi. Things have been busy and batty, so we're a little behind on updates.


The second and third days at camp went very smoothly. Both the teachers and the students have grown more comfortable in their roles. The Chinese parents have "complained" that their children keep speaking English at home, so all is going well academically.


Datong, Friday

Summer Camps: 

Each morning, before class, we assemble all the students outside the classroom building for some necessary announcements from their school, information about their day and something to get them ready for class.  Today we featured our blue class.  Yesterday they learned about our holiday Christmas and learned the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas".  Today they sang it for the camp and did very well.  This was the first class to learn this song.  Today another class will share the story and next week the other classes will be teaching this song and other details about Christmas.  Please lif

Camp -- Day 5 Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

The rain was back again today. Thankfully, it was not heavy rain until later in the afternoon, when it just poured! We are so fortunate to have the Dome to use for sports activities so we don't miss out on the physical games and activities during bad weather.

The evening activity was classroom game night. Our teachers brought a wide variety of games to play. There was everything from Twister to card games. Laughter rang out through the hallways as they competed with great determination.

Thursday, Day 4 at Linyi

Summer Camps: 

Can't believe it's already four days into the camp! Things have been going smoothly so far. Students also are getting more into the activities and coming out of their shells, although there are still a few who refuse to talk or participate because of shyness. Still a few others have been disruptive and disobedient in class and have made it a little difficult for the teachers. But the teachers are doing great! 

Datong, Wednesday

Summer Camps: 

Last night our camp activity was for each class to design and create their class flag.  Red class cut out their hand prints using glitter gold fabric with a big RED spelled out with velvet red letters. Yellow class went with a yellow sun rising with the sun's rays pointing upwards, the words "hand in hand" written in Chinese and English and the students hand prints cut out of a yellow design fabric. Green class went with free hand design of everyone's hands using a type of wax thread, titled "Hands united from China to America".