Summer Camp blogs

Camp Begins --Day 1

Summer Camps: 

Our students have arrived, been tested, and assigned to their classes. We officially began camp at 9 am this morning.

The school put on a very lively and energetic opening ceremony to officially begin camp. For those of you who are reading this and know Randi, I'm sure you can imagine exactly what I am talking about!

This opening ceremony was the biggest production I have ever seen at a BTW summer camp. It was great fun!

We are excited to get to know our students and share many special days ahead with them.

Datong, Monday, first day of class

We officially started classes this morning with 137 students.  Tina and team Red have 44, Jana and team Yellow have 33, Nick and team Green have 30 and Karla and team Blue have 30.  The sounds of student voices coming from the classroom tells me our team came well prepared and the students are confidant in trying to speak English. A rain has moved in from the mountains and we are benefiting from some cool breezes.

Linyi Camp Underway

Summer Camps: 

After a 3 hour bullet train ride and a 2 hour bus ride, we made it safely to Linyi on Saturday. We have very nice accommodations here. The only downside is that it is very hot here, averaging at least 95 degrees plus humidity. 

Today, Sunday, all the students arrived. There are about 40 in all. We began with placement testing and then had an opening ceremony. Each member of the team jumped right in and started interacting with the students. We have a great team. Looking forward to this camp! 

Datong team in camp

Summer Camps: 

We arrived in Datong Saturday afternoon and were treated to a great lunch.  The people at our school are overjoyed to have Americans in their school and city.  Our host, Rebecca is a teacher and says she dreamed of this day for months and never thought her school and city would ever have the opportunity to have American here.

Final Preparations Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

Our classrooms are beautifully decorated. Each class has a color that is uniquely their own and our team did a spectacular job making their rooms look so inviting. The students will be arriving this afternoon and as part of our preparation for camp, the boys and girls will be tested which will determine the class they will be assigned to.

New Home

Summer Camps: 

We started our morning as the sun rose, ready to hit the road! We traveled by bus to the train station and enjoyed a speedy 5 hour trip to Shanghai. Some of our team even made a new friend on the way: 9-year-old Jessie who taught herself English by using an app. It was certainly an encouraging introduction that prepared their mind for camp.

We're Here! Beijing 1

Summer Camps: 

All is well! We are here safe and sound. The luggage is here as well! Our bodies are still adjusting to the time change, but our spirits are high.

Yesterday was spent in orientation as we prepare for our classes and perfect our skills and today we will decorate our classrooms and prepare for our students to arrive tomorrow.

So far, the weather is very pleasant!

More to come later!




Changes, Choices, Challenges, and Cheerfulness

Summer Camps: 

Things have been quite busy since our last blog post!

Our team has been preparing like mad, finding decorations, getting their lesson plans in, and getting to know one another. But it should go without saying that whenever the ride seems smooth, a hiccup is on the way.

Our camp location has changed from Jinan to Shenyang and now to Shanghai! It has been a challenging time for our team to wrap their head around the changes and the new choices they face as we head to camps with which we are not familiar and frankly, have only bits and pieces of information about.