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Our first Sunday in Beijing

After a combination international & chinese breakfast, our group climbed on the bus and received our daily ration of two bottles of water. Our bus then proceeded to the 9:30 meeting with like-minded international from around the city.

Our lunch in the hotel was our first real chinese meal. Mike P said he would give Anthoney $5 if he ate the fishes eye. For 5$ he did! He said it tasted like peanut. Christine Baker was surprised at how tasty the brains were.

Fairfax & Milford Groups arrive together

As the Fairfax Group was moving into the immigration area, they looked up and saw a bunch of yellow shirts. Sure enough it was the Milford group. This was our first time of meeting each other, so after quick introductions, we proceeded thru immigration and on to pick up our baggage. Thankfully all of it arrived too.

We all headed for the exit and met Woody. All the tranactions went smoothly and soon we were on a bus for the hotel.

Shanghai Red Team Arrives Safely

Summer Camps: 

We are happy to report that everyone on the Shanghai Red team, except for Melissa, who is travelling with the Blue Team, has arrived safely in China. The Blue Team has been delayed by one day and will arrive late tonight (Saturday). All of our teaching materials and books are here with us. Eden, from the Blue team, travelled with us and she is the only one whose luggage is lost so we are hoping that her suitcase will be delivered from the airport today.

Last Minute Flurry!

Summer Camps: just 14 days we will be all loaded down with our 44 lb suitcase standing in some long line at the airport! Our adventure is right around the corner- I am sure our students are as excited as we are! Looking forward to meeting everyone and forming a great team! See you soon!

PASSPORTS-and certified mail

Summer Camps: 

Today we found how valuable and important it is to return the passports by certified mail. Yesterday, Sarah Griffin asked where her passport was. We knew that it had been mailed June 5 and that she should have it. It had been sent to Milford, OH. We had a stampted Certified Mail receipt with the Milford post office ZIP code prominately displayed.

Shanghai Awaits

Summer Camps: 

Shanghai awaits the arrival of the Blue Team and the Blue Team awaits the arrival of the students from Beijing and Shanghai. Just think, people from opposites sides of the world coming together to get to know about each other and to learn to converse in English more fluently and effectively.

Don't forget your smile, swimsuits, shoes, sandals, shirts, shorts, suntan lotion, towels, toiletries, tissues, tennis shoes, and table manners :). Bring lots of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.


We improve our English at Camp Shanghai

Beijing Entering the Countdown-Just two weeks

Summer Camps: 

We just received the last passport for the first session. However, we're still waiting for a few more for the second session, so trust they will arrive by June 30th.

We encourage all teachers to finalize their lessons plans.

We hope all are using this blog and telling family and friends about it.