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Xi'an 2nd Session Count Down

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Well the countdown is continuing. Only 5 weeks until we leave for China. Preparations include lesson plans, development of afternoon activities such as crafts, music time, outdoor games, and English corner. Special events are being planned with various types of games; team building, mind challenge, and indoor group games. We anticipate holding a camp birthday party involving games and food and fun. We look forward to a Talent Show night where both the American teachers and helpers and our Chinese students have an oppportunity to shares out talents and abilities.

One Month & Counting!

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Wow- about a month to go and we will be in breezy Guiyang meeting lots of great Chinese students- cannot WAIT for that! Teachers should be working on 10 fun exciting lessons, helpers should be collecting and ...well...helping as needed!Musicians, artsy people, sports people need to be collecting supplies and getting ready for some great aftenroon sessions! More to come - can't wait to meet everyone on the plane, or in Beijing!

Shanghai Blue Team Gearing Up for FUN in the SUN

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This is your blogmaster, Doug, here to "bend your ear."

Okay everyone we hear that is it HOT HOT HOT in Shanghai. But it will be even HOT HOTTER HOTTER when the BLUE TEAM arrives in Shanghai.

The team is actively preparing lessons to promote conversational English based in topics which are common to both Chinese and US cultures but with a distinct US twist. You should be "waiting with baited breath" for some of the lessons which include include family life, holidays, finances, occupations, and daily living.

Xi'an 2nd Session English Camp

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Hello family and friends! My name is Jeff Shaffer and I am the director of the English camp that will be held during the second session in Xi'an, China. We are excited about the team that will be teaching English this summer in Xi'an. The second session runs from July 19 thru Aug 7. Our teachers are currently preparing their lessons, while others on our team are planning activities for the afternoon and evening events.

Guiyang Get Ready - Here We Come!

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Get ready for the most awesome English Camp in all of China - the Guiyang Team is an outstanding mix of ages, races, gifts & talents, and we are ready to have some major South China Fun! Along with chasing the water buffalo (our favorite camp mascot) we'll have sports & music & dance & basketball & art & movies & parties and all kinds of exciting fun, guaranteed to have our students improving their spoken English every single day!

Class Teacher & assistant Pairing

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Beijing Update This is the tentative list for pairing up people for classes.
group #1 - Alain Luong co-teacher & Amanda Mundell co-teacher Bram Sheckels assistant
group #2 - Sarah Griffin lead teacher - Christa rich assistant David Wilmette assistant
group#3 - David Mundell lead teacher Aaron McNeil assistant
group#4 - Heather Braley lead teacher Aaron Money assistant
group #5 - Carol Mundell lead teacher Sarah Asher assistant Anthony Amato assistant
group #6 - Melissa Baker lead teacher Michael Peluyera assistant

Shanghai Blue English Camp Introduction

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Hello Everyone!

I am Doug Kennard and I have been asked to keep you updated via this blog regarding the camp activities of the Shanghai Blue Team.

Our team is actively preaparing the lessons and events which we will use with our Chinese friends we have yet to meet.

Our team is about 22 people strong with a variety of backgrounds and interests. More on this to come.

We will depart the US on several different flights for Shanghai, China on July 5, 2007.

We look forward to meeting not oly each other but also our new Chinese friends.