2018 Summer Camp Application Deadline Extended

We still have a few openings so we are extending the deadline for accepting applications.


Join us in China to teach the spoken English language to Chinese school kids ready and willing to learn English! Applications are still being accepted through March 23, 2018!


If you would like an application email us through the "contact" page above and we will be thrilled to send you one!

Step Through The Door and Join A Team During the Summer of 2018

The doors are open!! Will you step through the door and join a Bridging The World Summer ESL Team to teach the spoken English language to Chinese junior high and high school students?

This is a great way to invest two weeks of your life to help the Chinese students improve their spoken English language.


Join us in China for the summer of 2018 we guarantee it will be a life changing experience for you!!


Make Joining A Summer Team Your 2018 New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolutions?? Have you made your 2018 New Year's resolution to join a BTW English Summer Camp in China? Get your application in as spaces are filling up!!

Join us for a life changing trip this summer. It will change your life and show you how to view the world in a different perspective!

You can request an application using our "contact" page:

Join us in 2018 for one of our ESL Camps in China

Happy New Year 2018 from the Bridging The World China Office Staff. Sorry it is a day late but we were traveling on New Year’s Day.


We are excited for our summer English As A Second Language camps in 2018 and looking forward to what will happen in the camps this summer. Think of the impact you can have on a Chinese young person’s life by joining one of our teams to teach the spoken English language in China this summer to eager students wanting to learn and improve the English language skills.


2017 Christmas Wishes

"All hearts come home at Christmas" This is a quote I came across today. I am not sure who wrote it but it is a good thought for Christmas time. We at Bridging The World want to wish you and yours the best of times with your family, friends, and loved ones during this Christmas season 


We look forward to seeing some of you join us in China next summer for the English As A Second Language camps. Thank you for all that have participated with us in camps in the past. We could not do this work if not for you. 


Share A Memory From Your Time In A Bridging The World Summer Camp

Share A Memory From Your Time In A Bridging The World Summer Camp


We are looking for exciting stories that had an impact on you from your time in China with Bridging The World’s Summer Camp program. They can be funny, lighthearted, serious, from an experience in camp, touring, etc


Some ideas you might use are the following:

Who did you serve with in the classroom, afternoon activity, etc.?

What did you do in camp? Were you a lead teacher, classroom assistant, lead in music and dance, sports, etc?

Come and Join Us In China in 2018

Are you up for the challenge of the Bridging The World 2018 Summer English Camp? Have you thought about joining one of the BTW summer teams to teach the spoken English language to Chinese students eager to learn the English language? Camp dates this year are as follows: July 11 – July 30 and July 26 – August 12.

Who do we need to teach English in China? You, a native English speaker

What will we be doing? Teaching the spoken English language to Chinese junior high and high school students.

2017 Bridging The World Summer Teams

This year we had 30 Americans go with to teach English As A Second Language (ESL) in China in three cities in China. The Bridging The World teams taught in Beijing. Jinan, and for the first time in the city of Hohhot (Who Ha) in Inner Mongolia. Below are pictures of the three teams.


We would love to have you go to camp with us next summer to teach English to the Chinese school children. To request an application click here.