Come and Join Us In China in 2018

Are you up for the challenge of the Bridging The World 2018 Summer English Camp? Have you thought about joining one of the BTW summer teams to teach the spoken English language to Chinese students eager to learn the English language? Camp dates this year are as follows: July 11 – July 30 and July 26 – August 12.

Who do we need to teach English in China? You, a native English speaker

What will we be doing? Teaching the spoken English language to Chinese junior high and high school students.

Where will we be teaching? We take teams to teach English in various cities in China – Beijing, Jinan, etc.

When are we doing this? The summer of 2018. The camp dates are as follows: July 11th – July 30th and July 26th – August 12, 2018.

Why are we going to China to teach the spoken English language? To help the school children of China learn how to speak English correctly and to share our lives with them.

It is a great experience to see another culture and to invest your life into another person through the spoken English language.


For more information you can contact us here.