Changes, Choices, Challenges, and Cheerfulness

Things have been quite busy since our last blog post!

Our team has been preparing like mad, finding decorations, getting their lesson plans in, and getting to know one another. But it should go without saying that whenever the ride seems smooth, a hiccup is on the way.

Our camp location has changed from Jinan to Shenyang and now to Shanghai! It has been a challenging time for our team to wrap their head around the changes and the new choices they face as we head to camps with which we are not familiar and frankly, have only bits and pieces of information about.

But one of the most encouraging things we have come across since these changes have been made, is the opportunity to look on with cheerfulness, knowing that, as Dr. Lamb would say, "Blessed are the flexible."

So, with Jinan out of sight, and Shenyang out of mind, we prepare our hearts for Shanghai, a beautiful city were the East and West meet, and where a way has been supernaturally prepared for us to educate these children.

Keep us in your thoughts as we countdown to Shanghai!

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