Beijing 2

Hello everyone,

Here we are on day 7! Only 2 more teaching days left and then closing. There will be many tears shed as we have become very close with our students. The group of Americans that I call my team have been exceptional. As I float from class to class I observe how my team meshes so nicely with their students and how we have all grown so close. Our time in China has flown by. We will have our movie night tonight along with popcorn and movie bingo. We are all still strong and healthy, but looking forward to rest and relaxation and being with our families. You are all terribly missed!

Shout outs:

Davisons, I am really looking forward to seeing you in 5 days! The night before last we had an all-camp birthday party. We even had a dance and did my favorite-YMCA! We have 2 more teaching day, then 1 day of sightseeing in Beijing. Love to all, Karla