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Wednesday Update From the Xin FuXue / Beijing Camp

Another great and glorious day at Beijing camp. The weather here is perfect, not too hot, not to cold, and not raining in the daytime. The classes are going very well and the kids are so excited. We have such great teachers and the kids are learning so much. Our afternoon activities have been lots of fun. Tonight each class made their own flag with the theme of the camp: All In. Each class was very creative. We are happy with the way things are going. All is well. 

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Datong Day 4

Summer Camps: 

Wednesday is here and our students continue to be very attentive and willing to learn as much as we give them. Last night each class created and decorated their class flag.  I can tell you we are not lacking talent in this camp.  These students are eager to do their best and finish before leaving class.  

Tuesday In the Xin FuXue/ Beijing Camp

Summer Camps: 

Today was another great day at camp Beijing. The weather was perfect; there was a nice breeze. The food here is very tasty; we all enjoy eating with our students and assistants. We have another new student and tonight we enjoyed playing games with our students in our classrooms. We are sorry to say that we have to say goodbye to Matt tomorrow morning. He has been fun to have around and has taken wonderful pictures for us. 

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Happy birthday, Caroline! Sending you love from China! Have the best day!!

Datong Day 3

Summer Camps: 

Our morning classes flew by and we're into our afternoon classes.  This morning our teachers divided their class into mentor groups.  Each teacher will have 7 students as their small group in class, evening activity team and spend free time together.  This works well for a more personal touch in developing the relationships.