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Jinan Tuesday Update

Tuesday Jinan update

We had a good first day of camp in Jinan. The American Team is doing good health wise and spirits are high as we begin Tuesday classes in Camp Jinan.

The evening activity Monday night was the “Team Challenge Night” where the classes had to work together to perform certain things to accomplish a task. Some of these things were accomplished fairly quickly while others were not accomplished at all, but it was a fun time for the students.


Jinan Sunday update

Today in Jinan has been a good day. We had a good morning team Meeting.llAfter that the students started arriving around 9 a.m. for testing and placement which lasted until lunchtime.


This afternoon we had the opening ceremony which was photographed and videotaped by the Chinese.


Shout Outs:


After many hours on the plane and in a bus we arrived at about 2:00 a.m. Yesterday we set uo our classes in prep for the students to come today. Looking forward to a great time. Nancy H. 


Cow stomach is great! - Grant K.


The Jinan Team Arrived Early This Morning China Time

The Jinan Team Arrived Early This Morning China Time. 


After a long day of traveling we finally arrived at our camp site around 2 a.am. Saturday morning China time. We had a good team meeting this morning, the teachers are setting their classrooms up for the arrival o the students tomorrow.


  Today is a day for our team to get to know each other as some have just met for the first time, explore and find things at the camp site we will need during the next two weeks, and settle in.


The Jinan Team is Ready

The Jinan Team is Ready to go and will meet and fly out tomorrow morning for China. After somewhere between 30 to 40 hours of travel time we will arrive at our campsite Friday night China time for a much needed night of rest. Saturday morning we will meet for final briefings, select and set up our classrooms, and explore the camp. Sunday morning the students arrive for testing and placement. The American team will conduct an opening ceremony Sunday evening after dinner then Monday morning we start classes.


Two Weeks From Today The China Teams Leave for the Summer Camps

Two Weeks From Today The China Teams Leave for the Summer Camps in Beijing and Jinan, China. The teams are busy preparing lessons, games, skits, afternoon activities, etc. for the summer camps to be held in Jinan, and at the New Bridge Foreign Language School in Beijing.


Lots of learning from the English speaking lessons, interactive fun in the afternoon activities, and getting to know the students during the evening informal get together.


The 2016 Jinan Team Is Excited and Planning for A Great Camp

The 2016 Jinan Team is from China and Virginia. We have two from China who will be working in camp with us, and the rest of the team of 20 hails from Virginia. The team ranges in age from high school, college, and middle age Americans and Chinese. The team is eager to share the English Language with the students in the Jinan English Second Language camp.


A few of the activities we have planned for the nightly activities are the following: American Carnival, Skit Night, the annual Birthday Party.


2016 China Summer ESL Teams

Bridging The World is gearing up for a great summer of ESL teaching in China. The 2016 Summer Teams have been set. The camp directors are in contact with the people on their teams. Plans for the camps are being made for teaching, afternoon activities, and some evening activities, etc.


Keep checking back here or on the BTW Facebook page for updates. https://www.facebook.com/Bridging-The-Wo...

2016 China Summer Camp Dates and Prices

Promotions for 2016 have been sent. The new dates and costs are as follows: The dates for the Summer Camps in China will be July 13th through August 1, 2016. The cost for this year is $2700.00. This is a great price as it is $200 lower than the last few years. 


Also a new discount this year for former team members is as follows: For each new person that is recruited who goes to a Bridging The World Summer Camp, the recruiter will receive a $50.00 discount off their cost of the trip.