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Sunday in the Beijing Xin FueXue Camp

Today was a great day at Beijing Summer Camp. The weather was beautiful and the sky was clear. We tested today and tonight we had opening ceremony. It looks like it’s going to be a great camp. We are anxious to start classes tomorrow. The kids are very enthusiastic. 
We have some shout outs and pictures, see below. Enjoy. 

Hello friends and family! I’m alive, haha! Miss each of you tons. Y’all are always in my heart. Today I will get to meet my students, it’s testing day! Please lift these kids. I know many are nervous. Love you all. 

Beijing Team Update Number 1

Summer Camps: 

The Beijing team arrived safely. Everyone was in good spirits and ready for the orientation on Friday. Orientation was long and tiring but we think it helped all of us understand what the Chinese are learning through learning our language. We had fun in the evening singing silly songs and eating ice cream. 
On Saturday, we were able to get our rooms ready. Some of us went into town and explored the area and had dinner there. The rest of us prepared for the coming of the Chinese students. 

A 2018 Xin FuXue Camp Participant Had This To Say About Their Camp Experience

A 2018 XIn Fuxue camp participant second session participant had this to say about camp: 

The trip has challenged me in many different ways. My comfort, my giving out when I missed family.I think because the goal was different for me. This was pouring out to a group of kids I might not see again. It opened my eyes to see children in China differently. I will definitely go home thinking and remembering diligently for a nation I hadn’t before. Thank you for the opportunity.

The Impact Summer Camp Can Make In A Person's Life

Linyi Camp participant: “This trip has truly impacted my life in ways I never expected.It changed me for the better. Being in another country, talking to the people there really shows you and makes you realize that there is a whole world out there. It is easy to feel like all life is happening where you are, but this made me realize there is so much more going on…”

Some Comments From A Former Summer Camp Participant

Tammy – “China, WOW!! It was life changing. I came back a different person; a person with renewed hope... I went with great expectations, and was pleasantly surprised when they were far surpassed in every way, shape, and form.

Bridging the World is all about building relationships through the use of conversational English. Class begins in a somewhat awkward teacher/ student environment with a simple introduction, “Hi, my name is…” and commences with tearful good-byes among dear friends…

A Great Weekend with Our 2019 Camp Directors

We had a great weekend meeting with our camp directors. While discussing what worked and what can work better this year we had good discussions about new ideas for everything from morning classes to evening activities.

We are looking forward to what this years summer ESL camps will bring in new ways to teach the spoken English language to the Chinese students who will be a part of our camps in three cities in China.

The BTW China office staff

2019 Camp Director's Meeting This Weekend

The 2019 camp director's meeting will be held this weekend in VA. We will be meeting to discuss new ideas, lessons, and making plans for some great summer ESL camps iin China. The camp director's all have years of participating in the teaching experience in the summer camps.  We are looking forward to our planning and preparation time on Friday and Saturday.

Currently we have 48 people signed up to go with Bridging The World to teach the spoken English language to Junior high and high school students in China. 

Join A Summer ESL Teaching Team in China

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Helen Keller

Join a summer ESL teaching team in China and experience an adventure. See things you have never seen before, experience new adventures, and make new friends (both American and Chinese).

Come teach English to eager Chinese students wanting to learn the spoken English language. Have an adventure, and have fun teaching the Chinese students while learning about another culture.

Tianna teaching English to the students in Shanghai