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Beijing 2 Pictures

Hello Everyone from Beijing!!

Thursday night our kids had a great time creating their team flags and they were able to present them to each other this morning!! They all came out so good and Team Iron Man was the winner!!







Beijing 2


Our wonderful Beijing Team 

Melinda playing LCR with her students  

Melinda and kids playing LCR

Nat and her class  

Nat teaching her class


Tianna and a couple of her girls

Datong pictures 4th set

Summer Camps: 

Pictures from Datong. Dave Williams

Our host Rebecca explaining the lotus field to Michael, Eric and others in our team.

Sara trying her skill at balancing dice at our games.

Nice catch, but the object of the game is to stick the marshmallow on her face.

Datong pictures 3rd set

Summer Camps: 

A few more pictures in the days of our lives. Dave Williams

Tina's group chalk talk design stage.

Tina's group finished drawing.

Our team flags with our host Rebecca and our assistants Felicia, Felix, Luke, Jackie, Grace and a few students.

Chris and his group on the scavenger hunt.

Datong pictures 2nd set

Summer Camps: 

A few shots of our Datong team in action.  

Dave Williams, Datong

Jana, Eric, Nick and Steve teaching English corner

Frankye, Kate, Carol and Jaden leading dance at our birthday party

Some of our team and a few Chinese teachers from the school as our guides at the hanging temple