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Share A Memory From Your Time In A Bridging The World Summer Camp

Share A Memory From Your Time In A Bridging The World Summer Camp


We are looking for exciting stories that had an impact on you from your time in China with Bridging The World’s Summer Camp program. They can be funny, lighthearted, serious, from an experience in camp, touring, etc


Some ideas you might use are the following:

Who did you serve with in the classroom, afternoon activity, etc.?

What did you do in camp? Were you a lead teacher, classroom assistant, lead in music and dance, sports, etc?

Come and Join Us In China in 2018

Are you up for the challenge of the Bridging The World 2018 Summer English Camp? Have you thought about joining one of the BTW summer teams to teach the spoken English language to Chinese students eager to learn the English language? Camp dates this year are as follows: July 11 – July 30 and July 26 – August 12.

Who do we need to teach English in China? You, a native English speaker

What will we be doing? Teaching the spoken English language to Chinese junior high and high school students.

2017 Bridging The World Summer Teams

This year we had 30 Americans go with to teach English As A Second Language (ESL) in China in three cities in China. The Bridging The World teams taught in Beijing. Jinan, and for the first time in the city of Hohhot (Who Ha) in Inner Mongolia. Below are pictures of the three teams.


We would love to have you go to camp with us next summer to teach English to the Chinese school children. To request an application click here.


2018 Summer Camp Dates and Costs

The English Summer Camp dates and costs for camps in China during the summer of 2018 are as follows:  


Dates: July 11th - July 30th, 2018


Costs: $2900.00


If you would like an application please email us here and we will be glad to send you an application.


The Bridging The World China Office Staff





The Countdown Is On

2017 Summer ESL Team members. We hope you are busy preparing lessons, games, music, and getting ready to share your life with the Chinese students.as the countdown is on until the day we leave for China.


It is only 38 days until we board the airplane for the flight to China and a great English as a Second Language camp experience in Beijing, Jinan, and Hohhot.


Check the Bridging The World website for funds you may still owe for the trip. Also check the “Lesson Plan” page and links for ideas for everything from lessons, games, songs, etc.


Hohhot Camp Update

Hohhot Camp Update


Welcome to the camp Hohhot blog and the news update. We will try to post as much as possible depending on the internet access.


This will be the first time Bridging The World has done a camp in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia.


We are looking forward to teaching in this new area. The Bridging The World team will be made up of 12 team members. Our team is from all over the USA – MO, VA, PA, NC, FL, NJ, VT, and OH. Of those 12 only three are newcomers so we will have a veteran team to serve and teach ESL in Hohhot.   

2017 English Summer Camp Update For All Teams

A Summer Camp update for all teams. The camp T-Shirts, books, pamphlets, and flight information are ready and will be mailed sometime this afternoon to most team members. Some are being hand delivered during the next few weeks. 


All of the passports and visa applications have been sent to the agency. Your passport with the visa stamped inside should be arriving no later than the end of this month. 


15 Years of Service and Honorarium for Chris and Woody

This past Saturday, March 11, 2017, we had a great BTW Summer Camp reunion and honorarium time for 15 years of service for Chris and Woody.


Close to 100 people made the trip from out of town and locally to participate. Past camp participants came from some of the following locations: MD, PA, NC, SC,  and VA. Many more who could not make the trip wrote cards, letters and emails. We even had a video sent from the Bridging The World team in China.