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Camp Dates and Price for 2017 ESL Camps in China

The dates for the 2017 English Second Language camps in China are July 13 - 31. The price for attending the camp is $2800.00.


If you would like to receive an application or for more information on the 2017 summer camp you can send us a message using the "Contact Us" page on the website 


We look forward to hearing from you.


Bridging The World China Office Staff

2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon

Summer Camps: 

Be on the lookout as next years dates and prices will be coming soon: Check the back for further updates in the next few weeks: 


This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself n a different culture for two and a half weeks and make a difference in a life through teaching English AS A Second Language.


Bridging The World conducted two great camps this past summer in Beijing and Jinan. We hope to return to both cities and camp sites next year.


Welcome Home to the 2016 Summer ESL Teams

Summer Camps: 

Welcome Home 2016 China Summer Teams,


The summer teams have all made it back to the USA after teaching English to school age children in Beijing and Jinan, China. It was a good summer for our ESL teams though very hot and humid in both cities. We want to thank you for all your preparation beforehand and your hard work while in China.


Jinan Update for Monday

Summer Camps: 

We were expecting to awake to rain this morning, but lo and behold it is a clear, bright, hot, humid, sunny day in Jinan.


Last night;s Giant Monopoly game was a success even though not all the teams made it around the board. The students had fun and were able to learn some new things while playing the game.


Toninght's activity will be an enjoyable one for the students and a restful one for the American Team -- Movie night. The students get to watch and the American can relax in the back of the auditorium.


David for the Jinan team


Sunday Jinan Update

Summer Camps: 

Sunday Jinan Update:


Two days of sunshine have been hot but wonderful. We had sun yesterday on our day off from teaching. It was a good day of touring in Jinan as we saw the natural springs of Jinan, had a great cultural experience in walking a few streets and eating some of the local cuisine cooked right in front of us. We then had a ten minute walk to Wal-Mart where the team stocked up on items for personal use and for use in the classroom for this next week.


Friday Jinan Update

Summer Camps: 

Friday Morning Jinan Update:


Yesterday it rained so much in the morning and afternoon we had to move the American Carnival inside. The students had a good time and did not want the games to end.


This morning we awoke to heavy rain. We were blessed because after our sharing time as we were leaving the building we meet in to walk down to breakfast the rain stopped long enough for us to walk to the classroom building.


Thursday Update from the Jinan Team

Summer Camps: 

Jinan Update Thursday:

Sorry we did not post a blog yesterday, but we woke to heavy rain and no electricity – hence no internet access. For some reason every time it rains here the power goes out. The rains finally cleared off around lunch time and the electricity came on right as the third class was ending before lunch.


Here in the Jinan camp we are surrounded by mountains which are almost always  covered in smog. but after it rains the air clears and the setting is beautiful.