Bridging the World - China

Bridging The World has been doing summer camps in China since 2001. For many years our focus has been on ESL and Spoken English. Now, more than twenty years later, the world has changed a little bit. We are not currently able to travel to China due to the pandemic. That being said, we long to be with our Chinese friends again. We are now planning our next camp in China and are excited to announce that the focus will be on creative arts. This camp will include many different theatrical, musical, and dance components. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture, meet wonderfully warm and kind people and engage in life-changing experiences.

Bridging The World also has opportunities for people to go to China and learn the language with a one-on-one native speaker or in a college setting.
Internship and fulltime opportunities are also available.

"Short-term trips with long term impact." - N. Smith

"Teaching English in China will forever be a cherished memory in my heart." - 2018 Team Member