Bridging the World Projects around the world

Photo of summer camp workers playing basketball with local summer camp attendees

Bridging the World sponsor and organize English teaching projects around the world for young people to do on a voluntary basis, as well as for more experienced people and couples as work on a full-time basis.

In China, we have run our summer camps for some years now and have become very very experienced at the logistics of providing, managing and running English summer camps at multiple locations around the country. We also offer fulltime opportunities for people to work for us teaching English as a a foreign language.

We are partnering with organizations in Japan to offer student teaching opportunities, as well as fulltime opportunities, to teach English as a foreign language.

Our latest project will be debuting in 2020 and will be our new summer camp opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in Vietnam. We are very excited about this new project, and encourage you to express your interest here.

Photo of one of our English summer camps teams with local friends