Come and Join Us In China in 2018

Are you up for the challenge of the Bridging The World 2018 Summer English Camp? Have you thought about joining one of the BTW summer teams to teach the spoken English language to Chinese students eager to learn the English language? Camp dates this year are as follows: July 11 – July 30 and July 26 – August 12.

Who do we need to teach English in China? You, a native English speaker

What will we be doing? Teaching the spoken English language to Chinese junior high and high school students.

2017 Bridging The World Summer Teams

This year we had 30 Americans go with to teach English As A Second Language (ESL) in China in three cities in China. The Bridging The World teams taught in Beijing. Jinan, and for the first time in the city of Hohhot (Who Ha) in Inner Mongolia. Below are pictures of the three teams.


We would love to have you go to camp with us next summer to teach English to the Chinese school children. To request an application click here.


Hohhot camp back in Beijing

Our time in the grasslands was amazing and provided time to just sit-back and marvel at His creation.  Grasses and rolling hills for as far as the eye could see in every direction.  Some went horseback riding, some rode dune buggies, and the rest of us went for a long walk.  That night a bonfire was lit and traditional Mongolian music preformed.  The temps dropped to the upper 50's and the moon and stars were so bright.  Our next morning started at 7:30 to drive back to Hohhot so we all turned in early.

Summer Camps: 

Hohhot camp in the desert

We arrived at our hotel for the night after a morning of driving and an afternoon in the desert.  We were treated to camel rides, walking around the sand dunes, and finished off by all sliding down a dune on a sled.  If we looked to the south and east all you could see was sand.  If you looked to the north and west you could see a city and a number of power stations.  Quite the contrast.

Our team is all healthy and feeling blessed to experience this together.

Summer Camps: 

Hohhot camp day 2

Internet is hard to find so I am using a hotspot provided by Michael our host.

After our 10 hour train ride with our 15 students we all boarded a bus for an hour to our hotel at the base of a awesome mountain range.  Our hotel is actual a small traditional resort in a country setting.  Blue sky's, cool breezes, only the sounds of Chinese music and livestock can be heard.

Summer Camps: 

Jinan blog moving to Hohhot blog

Our Hohhot team is together getting ready to go to our train which departs tonight at 9:30.  We have 3 team members who flew in two days ago for this camp, 3 who were here for the first camp in Beijing, 3 who were in Jinan for the first camp, and our leader, Linda who has been here helping us all for the last 3 weeks.  10 team members strong.

Summer Camps: