2020 Vietnam Summer Camp Dates and Costs Are Now Available

Summer Camps: 

WOW! A new opportunity for teaching English As A Second Language with Bridging The World is now available. Bridging The World is expanding its summer English As A Second Language program into Vietnam for the summer of 2020. 

To learn more about this new opportunity in Vietnam click here.

Space is limited so apply now. To request an application you may use the "contact" page at the top of the site.

2020 China Summer Camp Dates and Costs Coming Soon!!

Summer Camps: 

Be on the lookout as the 2020 China English Second Language Summer Camps dates and costs will be posted soon.

Exciting times are coming!!


If you are interested and would like more information about the 2020 Summer Camp in China you can email us through the "Contact" page at the top of the site.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Last Full Day in Qiqihar

Summer Camps: 

We all have been extremely busy here. We had our Birthday Party on Monday night and it was a huge success! Thank you to our Host, Jason!

Tuesday night was English corner and everyone enjoyed playing card games and making string bracelets.

Last night was Skit night and Annalise did a great job of running it. Everyone loved the silly antics of the Americans!

Tuesday in Qiqihar

Summer Camps: 

Hey all,
Plans are liquid here and change without notice...we just say “it’s China”!

Movie night got swapped with English Corner night, because the theater is being used by another group, but we still know how to have fun even when things change unexpectedly! It’s been pouring rain here all day today and we all have been properly wet! Despite the weather, everyone is having fun. We would appreciate lifts for health, some have been battling fatigue and sore throats.

Everyone on our team is an asset we can’t be without.


Monday in the Qiqihar Camp

Summer Camps: 

Hello friends and family,
We are all having an amazing time at camp.  Last night was our Human Clue event and everyone had an awesome time! Mr Mustard ended up being the culprit. Tonight is our camp Birthday Party! Our host is planning a big event!!! We are staying strong to the end and hope you will continue your lifts!
Shout Outs:
Hello family and friends! It has been a whirlwind here, but so much fun! Tony and I are exhausted every night, because we have been All In every day. Looking forward to telling you all our stories. Elaine and Tony

Day Four is in the books for the Qiqihar Camp

Summer Camps: 

We have been very busy here in Qiqihar. Classes are going well and the kids are learning a lot. We were visited by the local news station and were filmed and interviewed during afternoon activities. This area of Qiqihar doesn’t get many foreign visitors, so they are very curious to see how we interact with the children. They enjoyed seeing sports, dance, drama, team challenge, and English corner. Last nights activity was Crazy Digital Camera Hunt, which is done in mentor groups, and Helen’s team won!