Jinan camp day 10

This morning we awoke to no condensation on our windows, LOWER humidity, yea.. This is a great answer to lifts for the kids as well as our teachers.  

Today Kim's team and Alicia's team will be teaching on Easter, while Claudia's team will be presenting a mystery for the students to discover clues to solve the mystery, and Gary's team will be teaching touring in America.   

Last night we had "minute to win it" games as our evening activity.  Students moved from class to class trying their skills at games laid out by the teachers.  

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Blazing Sun In Beijing Tuesday morning

Hello family and friends,

As we completed the eight day of classes yesterday, our CEO delivered again.  Another child is born again and we are grateful!  Thank you for your powerful lifts!

Overall, the students were a bit tired on Monday, but questions were plentiful as the American teachers shared  resurrection.  And He was not absent here, but Plenti-ful!

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Jinan camp day 8

It's Sunday morning and we started our day as usual with some music and a Word from a Brother who lives in China.  He shared about his home, growing up, in a home who all knew Him.  He went on to say as he grew up he realized he had head knowledge but lack the heart and true belief of what his parents had taught him.  He studied the book and memorized many books of the main Book to gain knowledge. Through teachings from others, and His calling, he realized he needed to trust Him.

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Sunday Workday at Camp Beijing

Hello Family and Friends,

Day 7  is in "half mode" today as we prepare for English Class this afternoon.  After a wonderful time of singing and lifting, we are preparing for a few hours "off" as the students prepare for Birthday Night .  They are preparing to show us a Grand Masquerade Ball tonight in the theater.  We have been asked to judge the classes and pick the best.  As a result, the Americans will get a breather for a few hours before teaching this afternoon. 

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Jinan camp day 7

Last night we had our Hawaiian party.  It started a little late but when the kids came in all we heard was wowwwwww.  We all rushed through dinner to get started decorating.  We had palm trees, beach balls, grass table skirts, blow-up fish and a large banner to set the mood.

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Camp Beijing in Full Swing

Dear Family and Friends,

i have never witnessed 80 Chinese kids quiet for over 2 hours  until last night. As we sat and watched Narnia: Prince Caspian at the "auditorium" we were amazed at the powerful story of Aslam and the White Witch.  The Chinese were spellbound as they watched the symbolic movie from C S Lewis. It opened the door for many questions later.

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Jinan camp day 6

Last night we all kicked back and watched the movie "Sing" for some good old laughter.  Our movie bingo cards were a hit for the students, not so much for the teachers.  They all had to jump up and down through the movie passing out candy as 67 students yelled "bingo".  Note to self, tally the bingo cards at the END of the movie next time.

This morning a few of us got up at 5:00 and hiked up to the pagoda to watch the sun come up and look at the towns below.  This is a great place to get away and lift all those below for the seeds of knowledge to spread.

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