ZGC Closes Camp and Departs to Lido


ZGC Camp Closes and Team Moves to Lido
We have just arrived at the Lido Hotel in Beijing.  All of us are doing very well---tired, but ready to relax and reflect on His Goodness!  We closed camp this morning and awoke early to take the bus from Shunyi, where our school was located, to inside the fourth ring in Beijing.  It was about an hour and a half ride as traffic was ok until we got near the Hotel Lido.  
Yesterday five of the Chinese assistants took us to the Olympic Water Park, where canoeing and rowing events took place in 2008. Many of us got in a row boat and relaxed in the waters.  Some even put their feet in the water, or more!  In the afternoon, we were taken to the Shunyi town center, where we feasted on McDonald's, Starbucks and KFC.  Some even did some shopping, while most enjoyed a restful massage. After all the walking, my feet were thankful.  The Chinese masseurs enjoyed our fellowship as well!  In the evening we enjoyed a local bar b que , as we watched and roasted a variety of meats at our tables.
Tomorrow, six of our team move on by night train to another camp while the other 13 continue to tour.  We all will see the Great Wall of China and visit the famous four story Pearl Market.  Being at the Lido will  allow us to have a variety of international cuisine, including Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Continental American.  There is even a Baskin Robbins at the hotel.  
We are forever grateful for your many lifts!  Xie, Xie!
Jack and Bess Johannes
Grateful Directors 
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