Camp Beijing Preparing for Day 10 and Closing Tonight

Dear Family and Friends,

The rain is coming down again, but spirits are high here as we prepare for the Camp's closing day. We are weary, but sad it is coming to a close tonight.  

Last night we played basketball against the Chinese from 6-7 as a volunteer event!  We had to quit at seven in order to go to our regularly scheduled night activity. It was a perfect game, as the score ended at 36-36!  How fitting!  We had a big lead until Leo, their Principal came in and poured it on us.   Byron, Braeden, Natalie, Jeremy and Jack (Chinese PE teacher) started for the Americans.  Many others substituted, as we got most of our teenagers involved, even the girls.

At seven, we began our Skit Night. Hannah and Natalie pulled off a great show as most of the teachers were involved in the skits.  Even yours truly played the fireman in the Camp Song.  My lines were, "Jump lady, jump.  Whoa, splat."  It was a hoot.  Linda Alley joined in the skit as well.

Jeremy and Braeden starred in a couple of the skits: The King and I, and the Doctor  skit.  Byron did a great job in the Vending Machine Skit, although it even surprised him!  Of course, it would not not be camp without the Creamy Skit.  Bridget and Gracelyn did a super job as Natalie directed.  Of course it got a little messy, especially after we brought Bill, a Chinese Assistant, in to "get involved."  We also performed the Directors Skit and a few others.  Emma starred in that one as the "dead girl."  Amy, Bonnie, Carol and Hannah were featured in many as well.  Carol  and Kayla played great roles in the "Little People Skit."

Today, Wednesday, we are preparing the students for our Closing Ceremony.  It is less of a "ceremony" than more of a showcase of the students English Speaking Improvements.  We will also highlight with medals the best students: in each class as well as the Best in Camp, both boy and girl!   Linda, Chris and I had the privilege of interviewing ten nominees from the four classes for this honor. The two top speakers will give an English Speech tonight.

It was great to have Woody here today to share about his last ten days of travel through China.  His message is always inspiring. He spoke about the passion for the work we do here! Many questions will follow him today as he and Chris visit the classroom!

We are forever grateful for your lifts and all your many gifts that you have poured into each of the sixteen of us!  We will never be the same after this trip.  Our CEO will make sure of that!   May you all be blessed for your love and support!

Jack and Bess

Camp Beijing Directors

Xin Fu Xue International Academy

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