Jinan camp day 11

After a full day yesterday we divided the students into groups of 6 to 8 and spent the evening with the students running around the campus taking pictures with their phones of their team completing fun task.  They all enjoyed running around, yelling, and trying to beat the other teams.  At the end, we all came together to see the results.

Today we will finish up our lessons.  This afternoon the students will enjoy a water balloon war and tonight we will practice our closing ceremony, dance a little, and finish up with 3 funny skits that we weren't able to finish the other night.  Then tomorrow we will review our lessons, exchange contact information, and get ready for our closing at 3:30.  

Our teaching team is all healthy and enjoying each other.  This has been a blessing to sit back and watch us all come together from different parts of the world and become one.  Praise to Him.

Dave Williams


Games last night

Baseball on a hot summer day

 Proper stretching 

 Great expressions

 Practice, practice, practice

Dancing with glow sticks 

So many choices

Building relationships 

Proof of who are full of hot air

Too cool.

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