Bye Byes Bringing Tears in Beijing

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we are saying good bye to 81 Chinese students, twelve Chinese Assistants and a host of staff members. Most have heard our message of hope and love.  This morning, another name, Ericsson, was inscribed into the Book.  We are so grateful to our team's attentiveness to His work.  Jeremy was instrumental in paying attention to the detail.

Last night we hosted a warm and congenial Closing Ceremony!  Each class presented skits, dialogues and personal greetings in a public display. Red Class performed a Farewell Rendition to all of us.  Kimberly, Bess, Hannah and Jeremy helped in presenting the students with certificates.  Gene was given the Outstanding Medal for the Class.

Blue then presented a variety of tunes, beats and rhythms in English.  Natalie, Bonnie, Bridget and Emma assisted in handing out the certificates to the class, all 24 of them.  They had the biggest class. A medal was given to Dragon for his outstanding English skills.

Grace was given the Best in Yellow  Class Medal for her dedication and continuous zeal.  According to Nancy, the Lead teacher in Yellow, Grace worked the hardest in her class. Yellow performed a Walk in the Woods Jazz chant, followed by six of the students telling of their experiences.  Their personal touch really added to,the night.  Byron, Kayla and Gracelyn helped in handing out certificates to their nineteen students.

Carol's Green class followed with a skit of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf!"  Uni starred as the outrageous boy, before he was eaten  by a couple of wolves.  Of course the moral of the story was described in detail...lying does not lead to a long life, nor a good one! Many other students performed solo renditions of sheep, townspeople and wolves. Michael won the medal for the Best Student in Class. Certificates were awarded to all 16 students.  Hannah Mae, Braeden and Amy assisted.  

I then presented the two top male and female medals to Teresa and Charlie, both from the Green Class. Each gave a speech showing off their new English speaking skills. They did an outstanding job!!!

Michael Han, our Chinese host spoke next about his first Summer Camp experiences.  He really emphasized the importance of communication in today's world. After exchanging of gifts, our entire cast of American teachers sang friendship songs to the students as we embraced them and hugged each other.

 It was a warm fitting to the end of the ceremony. Two hundred pictures were flashing on a huge screen as we finished the night. We had collected them through the week, and the Chinese Assistant's Donna and Aviva graciously put them on a Power Point for all to see.

This afternoon we will tour an Art area of Beijing as we take a well deserved break. Tomorrow we break camp and head to the Ritan Int'l Hotel,in downtown Beijing.

Thanks for your thoughts and lifts!

We love y'all!

Jack and Bess

Camp Beijing Directors


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