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Our Hohhot team is together getting ready to go to our train which departs tonight at 9:30.  We have 3 team members who flew in two days ago for this camp, 3 who were here for the first camp in Beijing, 3 who were in Jinan for the first camp, and our leader, Linda who has been here helping us all for the last 3 weeks.  10 team members strong.

This will be a very non-traditional BTW English camp.  We will start out meeting our students (15) at the train station so they can travel with us. They will stay in the hotel with us too.  Yes, a little like a traveling English camp.  We should be in Hohhot around 7:15 am Monday, go to hotel and get ready for our first class that afternoon and an evening activity.  Tuesday will be a normal teaching day at a school but we get 40 more students from the area for the parents and school to see how we teach.  Wednesday we'll (just the 15 students) go to a farm outside Hohhot for classes then back to the hotel that night.  Thursday classes at the school, then Friday we leave for the desert, teaching on the 3 hour bus ride and while we are there.  Saturday we leave for the grasslands, teaching on the 4 hour bus ride and while we're there and spend the night.  Sunday we travel back to Hohhot to wrap up and head to the train station for a 10:45 pm train back to Beijing.  Monday and Tuesday we will have some interactions with the foreign language school and do a little touring before heading home. 

We are in hopes that this area will receive our teaching methods and understand what we teach so we can return for future camps in the coming years.

As you can see, our team will need lifts from you and guidance from Him.  Please lift for safe travels on the train and road and that we make all our connections as well as the students see Him in all that we do and say.  

I'll try and blog each day if internet and time is available.  If you don't see anything, don't worry, we re in His hands being taught as we are teaching.  

Thank you for caring,

Dave Williams

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