Hohhot camp day 2

Internet is hard to find so I am using a hotspot provided by Michael our host.

After our 10 hour train ride with our 15 students we all boarded a bus for an hour to our hotel at the base of a awesome mountain range.  Our hotel is actual a small traditional resort in a country setting.  Blue sky's, cool breezes, only the sounds of Chinese music and livestock can be heard.

Our first class was yesterday afternoon with our students.  We have paired each student with an American to invest in this week on a daily bases.  Last night we worked on remembering each others names by playing several games.  At dusk, the resort started a fire in a pit.  Linda told "Going on a bear hunt" story to the students and they repeated as the flames reached up and the night grew dark.  As I watched the fire, I couldn't help thinking about the light we all lift we are bringing to this area of Inner Mongolia.  We drew a lot of attention with the local and guest last night.  Westerners are not seen in this area so we are careful to smile and show love to those as He directs.  

Today we traveled to a school in the city of Hohhot to give the students a sample of how we teach.  We will be here all day teaching and eating with the students and our students we are paired with. The age of the the students at this school appear to be preschoolers.  Oh so CUTE.

Our schedule tomorrow is to teach our 15 students at the hotel and then Thursday we will return to the school for one more day with these little one's.

The team is healthy and enjoying the meals and setting where the view's and air is clear.  I will blog as I am able.  But have no worries we are in great Hands.  Continue to lift us and we walk this new path for HIM.

We love you all and think of you often.

Dave Williams     

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