Hohhot camp in the desert

We arrived at our hotel for the night after a morning of driving and an afternoon in the desert.  We were treated to camel rides, walking around the sand dunes, and finished off by all sliding down a dune on a sled.  If we looked to the south and east all you could see was sand.  If you looked to the north and west you could see a city and a number of power stations.  Quite the contrast.

Our team is all healthy and feeling blessed to experience this together.

Tonight we will clean up and rest for our day tomorrow to the grasslands and spend the night in a yurt.  Guessing since there is no bathing, there will be no internet.

Sunday we will make our way back to Hohhot and catch our train at 10:45 pm.  Should arrive in Beijing around 8:00 am or 9:00 am  

I'll keep you all informed as long as internet is available.  No news means we are fine.  I should be able to blog on Monday at the school in Beijing. 

Bless you all and continue to lift His work here in Inner Mongolia and us.

Dave Williams

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