Hohhot camp back in Beijing

Our time in the grasslands was amazing and provided time to just sit-back and marvel at His creation.  Grasses and rolling hills for as far as the eye could see in every direction.  Some went horseback riding, some rode dune buggies, and the rest of us went for a long walk.  That night a bonfire was lit and traditional Mongolian music preformed.  The temps dropped to the upper 50's and the moon and stars were so bright.  Our next morning started at 7:30 to drive back to Hohhot so we all turned in early.  Little did we know, but when everyone went to their yurt, they turned the horses loose to graze during the night, and do horse stuff.  A little odd hearing then whinny outside your door.

Back in Hohhot for a dinner celebration / closing last night with our students, we all boarded the train at 10:45 pm to begin our trip towards Beijing.  We arrived in Beijing at 7:30 and made our way to McDonalds for breakfast while waiting on our bus to arrive to take us to the school where we will stay till Wednesday before our trip home.

It's noon now and our students are either back home with family, friends, or riding another train or subway to their hometown.  Yes, it was hard to say good-bye to our students but thankful to have shared ourselves and the love He gives so freely.  These students all attend the school we are staying at during the school year, so there is a good chance they will attend a summer camp next year.  As we plow ground with every step He leads, we lift for another opportunity or another camp to continue planting His seeds and to teach and encourage those here who have become Brothers and Sisters.  There is much work here and an eagerness by those who Trust.  Our 2 day camp in the school in Hohhot went well and we will continue to lift those young students and lift for others to come and teach.

Today we rest, un-back, and do laundry.  Tomorrow we go do a little shopping and see a little history.

Our team is all healthy and sitting around now talking about our time here and enjoying these last few days together.  Personally, I have to say it has been an honor to serve with our team.  Each one has been an encouragement to me and I have watched them encourage each other and die to self for His glory and His work.

This will be the last blog for Hohhot.  I thank each of you for your lifts and love for His work at home and wherever He leads.  We have felt His hand in everything we have seen and done.

Continue to lift the BTW team. Woody, Dale, Linda and David, and those teaching and serving fulltime in China.  I know they give glory to Him, but our summer camp teams are thankful for their leadership and care this year.

Bless you all.  Thank you again for sharing your family and friends.

Dave Williams


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