Hohhot camp final post

With a little time before dinner I thought I would give a report on our last day.

Today our host treated us to the largest shopping market in Beijing.  I would compare it to an outdoor flea market spread over 4 football fields.  Some tucked away in little shops and others under a canvas canopy or metal structure.  Goods to purchase ranged from life size statues to antique coins and books.  After some time there we walked to a restaurant where we were treated to a traditional Beijing meal.  10 of us, our host and his wife, and her 2 nephews from our camp all gathered around a table.  We all lost track of the number of dishes that we were treated to.  I would compare it to good old local home cooking.  As you can tell, our host and his wife have been very gracious this entire trip.

Tonight our team will spend some time together reflecting on His work in our lives and others.  

Tomorrow our bus leaves for the airport around 11:30.  There we will say our "hope to see you next time" and "love you all".

Please lift for our team and Woody to make their airline connections and for David and Linda as they visit some "M's" in China before going home.  Work continues here with those who are faithfully serving.  Please lift those American's and Chinese working in the fields everyday here.

Dave Williams


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