New Home

We started our morning as the sun rose, ready to hit the road! We traveled by bus to the train station and enjoyed a speedy 5 hour trip to Shanghai. Some of our team even made a new friend on the way: 9-year-old Jessie who taught herself English by using an app. It was certainly an encouraging introduction that prepared their mind for camp.

After sitting for 5 hours, we sat for one more on our bus to the hotel; but it was certain worth it. The hosts have graciously made beautiful accommodations for us. Our new home for the next few weeks sits at the corner or a busy little street. We are right one top of a fruit stand and small street market, and next to some delicious smelling dumpling and noodle restaurants.


Tonight we head to the school for a sneak preview; after, we have been invited to dinner in a restaurant with our hosts. As the first day of camp nears, we grow more excited. 


We will sleep well well tonight with a full stomach in our comfy bed, prepping for the big day.

Keep is in your thoughts.

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