Final Preparations Beijing 1

Our classrooms are beautifully decorated. Each class has a color that is uniquely their own and our team did a spectacular job making their rooms look so inviting. The students will be arriving this afternoon and as part of our preparation for camp, the boys and girls will be tested which will determine the class they will be assigned to.

We had a surprise at lunch on Saturday. Alex, the marketing director for Xin. Fuxue, came to us with a large box containing ice cream treats, just for us! They were yummy! The coffee lovers on our team have discovered that Alex not only delivers ice cream, but also makes delicious coffee which he so graciously made for those who wanted some.

Thanks for keeping up with us!I


Shout Outs

Carol M--We arrived safely last Thursday.China is beautiful! The classrooms are ready! Hello to all my family and friends!

Ella Swansen--Hi family and friends.We made it safely! I can't wait for the kids to come today. Can't wait to see you soon!

Bridget--i miss you family! We are having a great time!

Hannah--Hey Becky-Boo-Boo-Bear! Love you!

Gracelyn-Love you girls! Can't wait to see you!

Grace--Hey Jeff and Mom! Just a quick hello. Everyone is doing fine. I am taking pictures.Love you all!

Carol--Hi Buddy, Stacey, and Peyton! Miss you! Hugs and kisses to Indy and Omaha. Jack and Bess, you are missed! Love you guys!



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