Datong, Monday, first day of class

We officially started classes this morning with 137 students.  Tina and team Red have 44, Jana and team Yellow have 33, Nick and team Green have 30 and Karla and team Blue have 30.  The sounds of student voices coming from the classroom tells me our team came well prepared and the students are confidant in trying to speak English. A rain has moved in from the mountains and we are benefiting from some cool breezes.  This afternoon Michael will lead our indoor games, Bob will lead our outdoor sports, Carol will lead our music and dance, Tina will lead our challenge games and Eric will lead our English corner.

Big shout out to you past team members.  Thanks for lifts and helping us prepare for this time and future sharing.

Below are some shout outs from the team to you:  

Hi friends and family! Sending love and hugs from China! We are having a blast! And the food is amazing! I've learned to eat with chop sticks! Making lots of new friends! Love Carol 

Hello Laura dear, I am having an amazing time. We have been honored and treated like royalty the whole time we have been here. I will not be surprised if I gained my 9 pounds back. Everyday I'm thinking of you and miss you. Hope all is going well at home, tell all I said hello.  Tell the grandchildren I love them and thanks for teaching me all the games. Love Michael

It has been so awesome to be in China.  It is not what I was expecting it to be. It has exceeded me expectations! I LOVE IT! Love you guys! Frankye

Hey mom, Dad, Sam,Meili, Reggie, Juliana, Zy, Jose and Marishal.  I'm having so much fun, it's so beautiful, and leaving I know will be hard. Hope you don't miss me too much. Reggie, Jose and Zy, better be listening. Kate

Hello America! We are having so much fun!! China has been amazing! It is such a blessing to work with the students here!! Hope everyone is having a great week back home!!  Chris

Hey Susan and family.  Once again He has blessed me with a camp that is beyond any expectations I had.  Eating and sleeping well while enjoying our team and students.  We are in a small town with mountains, a breeze from time to time and amazing views.  Hope you are well and having fun practicing your music while I'm gone. Thanks for taking care of everything while I'm gone.  Tell Sienna we are using her recommendation for one of our dance songs. Love you and the Fam, tell all I send my love. Dave