Day One was Fun!

We are done with day one!


We started our day with breakfast, which was delicious. Our gracious hosts gave us raw fruits and vegetables, milk with oats, and sushi sandwiches! 


Then, we moved to meet the kids for the first time. We were so grateful to have 30 kids attend our first day of camp, which was quite an upgrade from the few we had expected. We were introduced to students like Sudy, Water, Johnny, Betty, and Leo. We also have a rascal named Daniel who we are sure will make camp quite an experience for us!


When we moved to our opening ceremony, we were able to teach the kids our camp song and play games with them. After that, they tested. We had a student who tested all the way to class 8/10! How smart! We are quite pleased at the English levels of the kids here; in fact, a little boy named Joey who is 5 years old tested to class 7/10! We have our work cut out for us.


Following the ceremony and testing we had a healthy lunch, a restful break, and an exciting yet hectic start to our classroom sessions. Overall, we did very well; the kids enjoyed us and our hosts were pleased.


Now, we rest, and we are encouraged to start again tomorrow; having learned from today’s experience, we carry an advantage with us and will surely use this new knowledge in the days to come.


Everyone is doing well. We have a travel bug that’s floating around, but it will dissipate with rest and water.


Keep us in your thoughts.

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