Datong pictures 3rd set

A few more pictures in the days of our lives. Dave Williams

Tina's group chalk talk design stage.

Tina's group finished drawing.

Our team flags with our host Rebecca and our assistants Felicia, Felix, Luke, Jackie, Grace and a few students.

Chris and his group on the scavenger hunt.

Frankye and team on the hunt for the red envelope.

Our fabulous team.

Bob and a few of his group. I think Bob is stuffing watermelon in the bag for later.

Steve enjoying lunch and great company. Is he trying to use chop sticks on his soup?

Jana and friend.

Jaden and friends.

Tina ans her group having a laugh. 

Linda was in our camp and enjoyed some time with a group on our scavenger hunt.

Jennie and her group searching for clues.  "Hark, a lark, flying in the park, splat."

Our camp photo.  I'm the one in the blue shirt.

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Summer Camps: