Beijing 2


Our wonderful Beijing Team 

Melinda playing LCR with her students  

Melinda and kids playing LCR

Nat and her class  

Nat teaching her class


Tianna and a couple of her girls

Our first day of camp was amazing and here we are on day two! The evening activity last night was Human Bingo and the kids had a great time asking us questions to figure out who were on the bingo card. Tonights activity will be Team Flags, where each class gets together and designs a flag for their class. We will have them present their flags to the other classes the next morning. Everyone on are team is healthy and full of energy. We are having a great time and enjoying the bonding time we are having with our students. The weather has been extremely hot, but all our buildings have AC!!

Shout outs:

Mom have you made your WeChat yet? I have very little way of communication. I miss you in a inordinate amount. Oh also I just finished the Penultimate book again and I found a very juicy detail to tell you about when we meet again.-Emma

Dear Family-I have rekindled my love for badminton. At this school there is an indoor court/gym that has a bubble like over our U.S. tennis courts. They have badminton courts, so I am enjoying that with the students. Also, it has A/C! There is a little store on campus that sells diet coke for about 45 cents! Oh, the small things are great! Love to all, Karla

Friends and Family, Thank you for your thoughts. We are having a great time. Love Melinda & Kaleyah

Dear Family, Play O Fortuna and think of me. Jennie & I ate at a famous Beijing duck restaurant. We got some fun paper ducks. We'll bring you home some of those "sweet quackers". Stay golden, Sara

Hope you all are well back home. We miss you all!!