Beijing 2 Pictures

Hello Family and friends,

Today is our last day of camp and we are already feeling the emotion of loss. We have grown so close to our children and Chinese assistants. It will be a tearful farewell. I am so proud of my American team. They have persevered through many days of non stop activities. The physical and emotional strain can take its toll, but they haven't wavered in the job they came to do. 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures of our tug of war games yesterday and some Ninja after Skit Night! By the way, we had a tug of war, boys against girls, teachers and assistants included, and the GIRLS WON!!

Shout outs:


I wish you could meet these kids! You would love them so much. Love and miss you! -Ti

Hi Mom,

I miss you. Say hi to Daddy for me. -Emma

Hi friends and fam, miss you all! -especially Ash. We miss you everyday, dancing isn't the same without you geriatric or not. Love - Nat


It has been a joy to be a part of this team and I'm going to miss each and every one of them when we part on Sunday. Tonight is closing ceremony and I hope to be able to share pictures with you all. See you all real soon!!