Datong Day 3

Our morning classes flew by and we're into our afternoon classes.  This morning our teachers divided their class into mentor groups.  Each teacher will have 7 students as their small group in class, evening activity team and spend free time together.  This works well for a more personal touch in developing the relationships.

Each student has such a warm heart and hunger for learning and a one on one relationship with us.  They all sit quietly soaking in the words we speak and are starting to speak out with confidence.  It's so fun to watch their faces when they do speak.  They are so proud of their selves as we are of them.  It only gets better from here for them and us.  

The majority of our students go home every day for lunch and every evening to sleep.  A few have traveled from neighboring cities so they stay on campus with us.  After our evening activities, our campus becomes very quite.  Some of our team walks the students to the gate where parents are waiting.  Then we spend a few hours in the city walking to a few of our favorite eating establishments for some local conversation and be part of the cities evening activities.  Several managers and owners of businesses like to see us coming to spend time in their business.  Americans are a good attraction and we like to eat ice cream, French fries and whatever else looks good. 

Continue to lift our team and those He puts in our path.

Linda, News of your family has reached us.  Know we are thinking and lifting you and your family.  We know you are "All In" with us and lifting us too. 

Dave Williams 

Below are the teams shout-outs.

Louise: Camp is going great!  Tell Melody Pa says "Hello Mello and Happy 7th Birthday!" Dale

This is the second day of class.  We have 30 students in the purple class, and the kids are so excited and eager to learn  Datong is beautiful, and the food is fantastic.  Hello to Joe, Anna, Declan, Erlly and Mae.  I miss you all. Carol

2nd day of class. All the English is great.  Miss you guys.  Don't worry mon, I'm having fun. Love you, Anna

Hi everyone!  This is day 2 of classes.  We are having a blast! Bob and I are in different classes.  We enjoy sharing stories at the end of the day.  The students are delightful to work with.  Love you all.  Tell everyone hello.  Carol and Bob

Hello again! Everything is still going well, the craziness is dying down and the kids are starting to open up. I'm working on continuing to stay patient, mostly with myself. Like I said yesterday, I'm still having so much fun and love these kids so very much! Love and miss you all! Kate

Feel so great being here.  I am feeling very much at home.  The people of China are so friendly, I fell so comfortable here.  The surrounding area is very beautiful.  Reminds me of Colorado.  Jeffrey

Susan: Been thinking about you and what it looks like trying to help them pack with 2 munchkins running around. I would imagine it's you pack something the the kids unpack it.  Eat lots of BBQ for me and scope out their new house and what projects I have waiting for me.  Hope Drew takes the garage wall mounts with him. Love and miss all our kid, give my love to the grandchildren.  Dave W. 

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