Tuesday In the Xin FuXue/ Beijing Camp

Today was another great day at camp Beijing. The weather was perfect; there was a nice breeze. The food here is very tasty; we all enjoy eating with our students and assistants. We have another new student and tonight we enjoyed playing games with our students in our classrooms. We are sorry to say that we have to say goodbye to Matt tomorrow morning. He has been fun to have around and has taken wonderful pictures for us. 

See below for our shoutouts. 

Happy birthday, Caroline! Sending you love from China! Have the best day!!

Hi Tony, Courtney, Daniel, Carson, Brian, Cass, Scrap, Chrissa, Elena, Bay Ro, and JuJu! I’m missing my fam and hope all is running smoothly without me. I’m having fun teaching English and music and dance. Love you all!

Happy birthday, Caroline! Hope you have an amazing day! 

What’s up, fam and friends?!? Things are great here; everything is running smoothly and we’re having so much fun. Thinking of each of you and love you to Pluto and back!

Hi Y’all! We just finished Day 2 of camp and already I am seeing barriers broken as our new friends begin to show their excitement and participate in lessons and activities. Everyone is laughing and smiling. In dance Becky and I taught the students “Cotton-Eyed Joe” and “YMCA” and they loved them. Sharon, I played badminton  with some students! Thank y’all for the lifts; we are grateful to have you in the frontlines of this work. 


Chris Wooldridge


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