Datong Day 4

Wednesday is here and our students continue to be very attentive and willing to learn as much as we give them. Last night each class created and decorated their class flag.  I can tell you we are not lacking talent in this camp.  These students are eager to do their best and finish before leaving class.  

Fireworks go off everyday here and the first thought is our American holiday.  Then I remember the fireworks being shot off are for a wedding or a funeral.  That's when my heart aches for those who have left this earth without knowing.  All we can do is be faithful to continue the work before us and lift for who He will send next to continue the work we are blessed to do.

As we start preparing in April for our July camp, one person stands out as our host.  Her name is Rebecca.  She teaches English at the school and has a passion for every student to do their best and become the best they can be.  To accomplish this she gives of herself to all of her students.  Her school year ends the Friday we arrive and next years classes begin the week we depart. She has arranged our sleeping accommodations, our meals, our touring of the city and overall care of us while we are in camp.  Please join us as we think of her and so thankful for her. 

Once we are in camp, Rebecca lines up an English speaking Chinese assistant for each class.  After a few days of us all becoming accustom to our schedule, we begin to establish a relationship with these assistants. Their names are Jackie (leader), Felicia for the Blue class, Felix for the Green class, Sunny for the red class, Sarah for the orange class, Dreamy for the Yellow class and Helen for the purple class.  Please think of these assistants too.  They work very hard helping the teachers during their short summer break.  Please think of them too and we have the opportunity to share with them.  

Fun fact: The Headmaster went out and shook the apricot tree on campus and had Rebecca bring us fresh apricots for a snack.  I'm guessing 5 lbs. :)

Sorry my pictures are not coming through. I'll continue to work on that.

I"ll stop so you can read the teams blog.  Thanks again for the lifts for us, the students, our host and our assistants

"Just sowing seeds"

Dave Williams

Louise: The school is going out of their way to give us good food and comfortable accommodations. Tell Colton, Pa says "I miss you". Dale

Hi! Time is going by so fast, I feel like I just got here.  I'm not allowed to speak Chinese during camp (because the students need to speak English) but I've been going out with some of the group during break times to practice my Chinese.  The manager of Flanke remembered me from last year and says my Chinese has gotten a lot better.  As challenging and frustrating as it is sometimes, I'm pushing myself to continue working on my Chinese.  It is so worth it, I'm able to connect with people so much quicker.  This was longer than usual.  The post will probably get shorter as we go on. :) Kate

Hi!  I can't believe it's been a week.  It feels like 4 days.  Camp is going great.  175 total today, so far. I sit with a group of girls about my age and they tell me all kinds of games. If you want to be famous, come to China. We are the first westerners some of these kids have seen.  Love you all.  Anna 

Hi family: Camp has 176 kids now!.  We had about 135 last year. I am in great health and really enjoying my roommate Debi, from Missouri.  Love to all. Karla.

Hi all.  Having a great time! I have a small head cold but nothing to worry about, doing very well. Miss you, but time is flying by. Zoe

HI CRACKED POTS!  I wish you all were here! We are having a great time teaching English to the kids.  It's been a lot of fun. Miss you all. Looking forward to sharing stories when we return. Carol

To my sweet family: I miss you but having a wonderful time. The children are so loving!  Lar, can I bring one of these sweet girls home?:)  To this who gave to support me with this opportunity, Thank You! You would ove these children, they melt your heart!! Debi

Susan: Each morning the sun comes up over the mountains with a few passing clouds (well it rained yesterday).  Mornings have been in the 60's with a slight breeze.  Perfect for sitting outside in the quiet before our day begins.  Always thinking of you.  I showed Rebecca all our pictures and how the family has grown.  You'll love this.  When we got to your picture she screamed, "she so young!!"  I told her you would give her a hug for that.  This camp a little different with so many students.  All good, just requires all my attention.  A lot to ask of an old guy.  Love you.  Dave W.


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