Datong Day 5

Yesterday I spoke of our Chinese assistants.  Karla had the idea to offer our assistants a special class during our afternoon break. The picture attached has Jackie, Sunny, Dreamy and Helen. Our teachers have wanted to join in to help Karla and get some one on one time with them as well.  Teachers pictured are Karla, Sara, Samantha and Debi.

We're having another great day.  Tina and Karla both shared Christmas as their main lesson today in their separate classes.  The students were very attentive and amazed at the story.  We are expecting more interest in this holiday as our camp continues.  The halls were alive with music as Bob took the kids caroling to all the other classes. 

Health, spirits and overall camp couldn't be better.  Giving Him the thanks!

Enjoy the team shout-outs below:

Louise: The students are great and eager to learn English. Tell Clara Pa says "I Love You". Dale

Had a touch of a cold yesterday, feeling better tody. Shout-out to my brother James. The power charging power source you sent me couldn't have worked out better.  Mom, I miss our discussions in the evening. The weather is not very hot. It is quite comfortable. You guys who donated the instant camera, thank you.  The kids love it.  Jeffery  

Hello. We taught Christmas today and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for continuing to send me love. Kate

Hello family and friends: There are 2 American Carols in camp. I am trying to learn the names of all the students in camp. During English corner we sang Oh What a Miracle.  Each student here is a Miracle! These students shine , and I love them. Carol (from PA)

My GPS siblings: Miss your shenanigans. You guys would love all the Gucci.  Anna

Hello to my family: The trip so far has been really great.  Please lift me in your thoughts. I am having a fun time and can't wait to see happens during the rest of the camp.  Also I learned a pitch line in Chinese. Love you everyone. Sara


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