Datong Day 6

Friday has come too quick.  Our students and team members continue to work so well together, always looking for more time to be alongside each other.  I don't think we've smiled so much, as we have this week.  So important to hear of these children's stories and share ours.

Tonight we will have our annual Birthday party.  Just another opportunity to party with our friends and continue building relationships.  

Thanks for the lifts.

Dave Williams

Shout-outs below:

Tonight we are having a Birthday party.  Remember those cakes?  Met with 5 older students last night.  It was amazing. Karla

We feel you lifting us up!! Carol is teaching the song "Stand By Me" in the afternoon session. I got to teach the cupid shuffle and I must say I love dancing with these kids.  I hope you are doing well.....lifting you up!!  Please lift Bob, John, Dale, Joyce, Mila, Kate, Summer, Sandy, Jane, Bill, Aiden, and Carter.  YES, Aiden and Carter!! Love you. Nana / Debi

Hi everyone, having a good time.  Classes are going well.  When we did training I got a taste of learning a new language.  I can't imagine doing it for a week.  The girls in my group are great, sometimes we hang out at a burger place. I never thought I'd travel across the globe to be at a burger place. See you soon. Anna. 

Shout out to mom, dad, Conner and Abigail.  Hello to all at AL.  China and the people are wonderful. I want to learn to speak Chinese.  Dominic, I hope you are practicing fro football.  Love you all.  Jeffrey

Mom, family and my special sisters!  The weather is cooler here than at home. We are learning Chinese culture while we are teaching English.  The kids are a blast.  We miss you all.  Looking forward to seeing you soon. Carol (Missouri)

Hello! I almost forgot to blog!  I miss everyone but I'm still having a lot of fun.  Leaving will be hard.  Sending love.  Kate

Susan:  I know I'm a long way from home (duh!) but these kids make me feel right at home.  Probably because their so young (12 to 18) and have endless energy. Thanks again for being so supportive of this work.  You are just as big part of this work, and your encouragement always comes at just the right time. I also know your morning routine, so I know when you are thinking of what we are doing. Thanks to all who are lifting me and our work.  We feel it and see it constantly.  Thanks to all who helped gather supplies (Lona and Children's dept.). So glad you gathered extra with all these students.  Looks like no one will be left out. Glow sticks, necklaces and all the other stuff will be appreciated tonight at the party.  This week Alice and Bill have become good friends of mine.  Please remember them. Love, Dave

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