Datong Day 7

Last night was our birthday party and the cake and fun was over the top for our students and team.  Tomorrow there will be no classes so everyone can take a break and get ready to finish strong next week.  Tonight we will get in our small groups and have a scavenger hunt.  Our students will have the opportunity to teach the teachers some Chinese culture.  Afterwards we will all get together and share what we have learned.

Dave Williams

Friday Shout-outs:

Hey, am I in Venon and Nates announcement yet? Just kidding. I can't believe camp is almost over. Asher, we get cake for breakfast, every morning.  Reminds me of the time you tried to eat only caramel for breakfast. Tom, I hope "working"is going well, try not to scare to many people. Love you all. Anna

Miss you guys! Rice is my new staple food. Be back in a Jiffy! Love you all, Lauren

Family: Wish you were here.  The weather is beautiful. Steve

Dear family: Today we taught American sports.  We played baseball outside and ate rice crispy treats. They love the treats. We made PBJ and applesauce on our lesson the other day.  They didn't like applesauce.  PBJ was a hit. I love you all and miss you like crazy. Samantha (Mommy) 

Hey, were over half way done and I have mixed feelings. I love these kids and all the people I've met so so much. These past few weeks have been an amazing experience.  I miss everyone at home, and I can't wait to tell you about my trip.  It has been hard to take this step and it's been challenging.  But, it is continuing to shape me in ways I can't explain.  Things here are just getting started and I'm so excited to be a small part of it. Kate

Hey Susan.  Safe travels to you on your way home.  I'll be thinking about your LONG drive. Be sure and stop for some snacks, fries and whatever else sounds good.  Love ya a bunch. Dave


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