Datong Day 9

Monday afternoon activities are in full swing.  Jackie Chan is in our city today so the town is a buzz with excitement.  Tonight we will spend time in our mentor groups.  Each group will have the liberty to choose their groups activity.  I know one group is going to design and make Christmas cards. Another group has said their going to have conversation over Chinese and Americana snacks,,, while eating them.

Our camp is doing great and friendships continue to grow.  Thanks for the lifts, we feel them.  We have a few with colds but doing well.

Dave Williams


Hi: Yesterday was a very interesting day.  We climbed up a mountain and could see to Inner Mongolia.  On our way down we sang and a rainbow came out that circled the sun!! We saw a family on the side of the road keeping bees.  There were about 30 hives.  They had hives like ours and calmed the bees by lightly spraying salt water on them, not smoke.  The keeper has to empty the honey from the box every 7 days.  All is well.  See you in a week. Love, Karla

Hi family: I found some clothes and a fun hat yesterday on our day off. I really like Datong.  It has been good to change from Beijing, still like it too. Looking forward to seeing you all. Lift me and my cold. Love, Sara

Hi friends and family: Well, time is winding down.  Before you know it, we will be heading home. I look forward to seeing you all but I will miss our new friends.  We went and ate dumplings last night. So good! Bob has a cold but otherwise all is well. Love you all Carol and Bob

Hi dear family: I am doing great. We had a day off yesterday and hiked up a mountain.  We could see the entire city and the mountain range along Inner Mongolia. We also went shopping too. We also were out with the students as we shopped and walked around the city.  How I will miss them when we leave.  Language barrier or not, I still love my new friends. Anna

Hello again: I'm running out of things to say but things are going great. We had a day off yesterday and got to hang out with students. It was a lot of fun and it's really awesome to see them opening up.  I've been spending time with a few students from last year and that's amazing.  I love all these kids and so thankful for the time with them. Kate

Hello loved ones: Mom I really miss our evening time together.  Dad, I bet you are getting the swimming pool in shape.  I'm looking forward to using it when I get home.  Hug Arwen and Elijah for me.  Enjoyed the hike up the mountain.  Was good to have a day off to recharge my batteries.  Love you very much, Jeffery

Please loved ones, lift up Kate.  I'm taking her to lunch tomorrow (Tuesday).  She knows of The Main Birthday. Heart is soft_____a_____thing as I always say.  I love you ttmab!!! Nana

Hi everyone. We had a day off yesterday, and we got to explore the town. A student took a few of us to a restaurant.  We also got part way up a mountain.  We have only 3 more days of class.  Today we are teaching Easter.  Mae and Eilley, I hope you had fun at camp.  I miss you all.  Hello to my Echo friends! Love Carol (PA)

I Susan. I hope your return to work will be easy to catch up.  Hey, you got all week, right.  Hope your dad is doing ok.  I'm sure you will go see him. Thanks for calling mom, I know she likes hearing from you and telling you she misses me :).  Love you.  Dave W. 

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