Datong Day 10

To all our listeners back home: Our team has just about completed all their class material.  All classes have shared the important parts of our teaching and the interest among students has been great.  We have at least 6 who are meeting with teachers for more details of our stories.  Please lift our teachers as they go deeper in the details with them. Bonding between student and teacher is at it's highest at this time of camp.  All of our students are eager for more time with us and we are delighted to give it to them.  If they only knew, we are just as eager for more time with them.

Dave Williams  

Shout Outs:

To all of my Sones that are so Precious ro me.  I woke up two nights ago thinking about each and everyone of you and the things we spoke of when we last met. I look forward to our next book club. Have a terrific week!. I love you all. Samantha

Hello, it is already Tuesday! Very nice day yesterday. We played UNO in the evening activities and my children had a great time. Thinking of you all my friends in the Cracked Pots without whom I could not be here. Also thinking of the wonderful couple in D2 who got the ball rolling. Love you all.  Jeffery

I can't believe camp is almost over! Today camp was in the newspaper.  We didn't make front page, that was for Jackie Chan who was here yesterday.I still love cities, the contrast of the noise and then walking into the cool quiet dorm.  I like my roommate Zoe.  We get along really well.  And the last 2 nights we have had a party in our room with tired teens and young adults sitting on the beds for a couple hours.  I really like it. I love you all so much.  I will see you soon.  Please don't starve the cat, even if you think I do. Anna

Hi family: Last night 2 had a water balloon with my mentor group.  It was really fun.  We also cut open a watermelon with scissors.  I'll be seeing you all in a few days, pretty crazy.  I'm learning a lot of Chinese. Sara

Hi: We have 1 more day of classes then closing ceremonies on Thursday.  We hed to Beijing on Friday.  I can't believe it is almost over! All is well and thankful for good health.  Love Karla

Hi Susan:  I decided to take selfie videos of me and a few of the Chinese assistants and students so I could remember their name and face.  The old mind isn't what it use to be.  They all loved it and had me send to them.  Too much fun laughing and coming together as friends.  Like Bill put it when we shared WeChat numbers,"WE are family how, family forever.".  Well I better go, Carol is having the students dance to Electric Slide, my favorite.  Love you!  Dave W.

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