Datong Day 4

Summer Camps: 

Wednesday is here and our students continue to be very attentive and willing to learn as much as we give them. Last night each class created and decorated their class flag.  I can tell you we are not lacking talent in this camp.  These students are eager to do their best and finish before leaving class.  

Datong Day 3

Summer Camps: 

Our morning classes flew by and we're into our afternoon classes.  This morning our teachers divided their class into mentor groups.  Each teacher will have 7 students as their small group in class, evening activity team and spend free time together.  This works well for a more personal touch in developing the relationships.

Datong Monday Day 2

Summer Camps: 

Hello all.

Our first day of classes are going great.  We've added 3 more students today, bringing our total to 174.  All the students and teachers are starting to get into the rhythm of teaching and learning. 

Our weather is perfect for being outside having conversations with our students.  Cool breezes and blue skies all surrounded by mountains. 

Continue lifting our team, we feel you lifts and see Him in everything. 

Below are some shout-outs from the team.

Dave Williams

Datong Day 2

Summer Camps: 

Today is Sunday, after an important Sunday meeting we began testing our students to see what level of learning they would best be suited for. Our team of 25 worked like a well getting 171 students tested.  YES I said 171.  Thankful we have 25 professionals here and a CEO guiding every step.

Day 1 - Camp Orientation

Summer Camps: 

Our team all made it to Beijing yesterday along with our luggage.  After a "fast food" meal at the airport we all traveled to a school in Beijing where we had a good nights rest.

Today we are with the Beijing team going through orientation with Woody and Chris.  Woody is teaching us Chinese in the manner we will teach English.  This helps us better understand what some of our students will feel when we teach them.

Our team is doing great and the weather is clear and cool.  Usually the weather is hot and humid. A nice break.

Datong Pre-Trip

Summer Camps: 

Dear family, friends and interested VIP's

Our team is all set and we are thankful for the opportunities that await us in the great city of Datong.  We leave July 10 for Beijing.  After 2 nights in Beijing for orientation with the other teams, we will head west by bus for 4 to 6 hours to our camp.