Datong, Saturday

Summer Camps: 

Last night we had our birthday party with the students.  We decorated the auditorium with balloons, streamers and party signs.  When the students arrived we greeted them with beaded necklaces, tattoos and lots of balloons on the floor to kick around. We then played a few games, ate some cake and finished off with dancing.

Datong, Friday

Summer Camps: 

Each morning, before class, we assemble all the students outside the classroom building for some necessary announcements from their school, information about their day and something to get them ready for class.  Today we featured our blue class.  Yesterday they learned about our holiday Christmas and learned the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas".  Today they sang it for the camp and did very well.  This was the first class to learn this song.  Today another class will share the story and next week the other classes will be teaching this song and other details about Christmas.  Please lif

Datong, Wednesday

Summer Camps: 

Last night our camp activity was for each class to design and create their class flag.  Red class cut out their hand prints using glitter gold fabric with a big RED spelled out with velvet red letters. Yellow class went with a yellow sun rising with the sun's rays pointing upwards, the words "hand in hand" written in Chinese and English and the students hand prints cut out of a yellow design fabric. Green class went with free hand design of everyone's hands using a type of wax thread, titled "Hands united from China to America".

Datong, Tuesday

Summer Camps: 

Yesterday afternoon activities went great.  I have to give a big shout out to Music and Dance.  They started practicing with the students "You raised me up".  Carol, Kate and Frankye lead them through the song two times with lyrics on the board.  By the third time the students were singing loud and proud.  The expressions on their faces was priceless and as our team heard this echo through the halls, they all had to come see and hear.  Not a dry eye as we processed what He had allowed us to see and hear. All 135+ students will sing at our closing.

Datong team in camp

Summer Camps: 

We arrived in Datong Saturday afternoon and were treated to a great lunch.  The people at our school are overjoyed to have Americans in their school and city.  Our host, Rebecca is a teacher and says she dreamed of this day for months and never thought her school and city would ever have the opportunity to have American here.

Welcome 2018 Datong Team

Summer Camps: 

I want to welcome our Datong team members and include you, the family and friends as part of our team.  Family and friends are so important to our team now and while we're in China.  These next few months, as we all gather for our weekly "meetings", I would ask that we remember each other as we prepare and that unity surround us.  I would also ask we remember the other camps this summer and the brothers and sisters in China preparing the way.